Did this dude buy something from Craigslist for the first time ever… and lived to tell about it?!? Heck yeah! I told myself that if I played guitar continuously, for at least two years, I would buy myself a big boy guitar. One with some value. I have always loved the “Martin” brand. Mostly because a lot of the artist that come in play that, and I like how they look. So I started doing a lil research. Turns out that a Martin guitar is pretty pricey. The cheaper ones run close to a thousand dollars. If I played gigs and was an actual artist, I wouldn’t mind spending that because I would get a return on my investment. Playing concerts for my 1 year old, does not return me any money. Sooooo, I decided to give Craigslist a try.

jsiguitarThere’s a few problems, with Craigslist, that I keep hearing about: people get mugged, killed, or ripped off with fake merch. Getting ripped off is probably the easiest for me to avoid, in this situation, because I have played a ton of Martin guitars at Guitar Center. Yup, I am that one guy who goes in there to just play expensive guitars. The getting mugged and killed was the thing I needed to avoid. So, once I got a deal and guitar I loved, I came up with a plan. I invited the guy to meet me at work. Smart! The peeps in the office were not too thrilled, but if I go down, we all go down. All for one, and one for all… right?!?!

The guy showed up, and got lost, like most people trying to come watch the show. So I had to go up to the main road to meet him. I wanted to bring him into the studio to interview him, and make sure he wasn’t going to harm me. Why bring him inside? I don’t know, I was so excited, I could not think clearly. Once I met him on the street, and was trying to lure him down, he got sketched out and plopped on a bench. He did not want to come down. That sketched me out because I thought he had some other dude that was going to sneak up on me. So there we are, two sketched out dudes, on a bench, looking all sorts of directions. He’s dressed like Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and I’m in full scrub mode. If TLC (the band) were around, they would definitely not want anything to do with me… because I heard that they don’t want no scrubs. Anyways, if a cop drove by, he would have thought that a drug deal was going down. After inspecting it, playing it, and not getting mugged… I paid the man and got my new guitar. It was pretty much brand new and I got it for less than half the price. SCORE!!!!