Well, the Kinsey birthday weekend extravaganza has come and gone… and I must say, it was successful. Ok, it was as successful as it’s going to get when you have a kid and no family to help watch him. Luckily, Kinsey’s friend, who just got married and wants to have a baby, offered to watch Cason. She is calling this her training. This gave me a great idea for a company: Rent-a-Baby! Right?!?! It’s for couples who think they want to have a baby, but are not sure if they can handle the lil monsters. You can charge $25 an hour, and you don’t have to pay for a babysitter! I put the “J” in Genius! Kinsey ended popping my balloon of money when she said, “what if they steal your baby and move to another city?” Leave it up to the mom to think of a minute detail.

Anyways, this weekend ended up being a tale of two very different, but free dinners. On Friday, we went to our favorite restaurant in town. It’s the restaurant we visit when it’s my birthday, her birthday, or our anniversary. It is fair to say, that we visit this place 3-4 times a year. It can get up to #4 if we have a family member with a lot of money visiting us, because they pay for our meal. Score! I do end up cringing when I get the bill at this place because I am pretty sure I could have eaten for three months if you gave me that kind of cash in college… but, you have to treat yourself once in a while. I have the rest of the year to be cheap and make up for that money. Well, this time the waiter came up at the end of our meal and said, “thank you for stopping by, the meal is taken care of.” No explanation, just that nice lil sentence. The radio gig could not come into play because my reservation was under “Jose”, and I am pretty sure there is at least one more guy with that name. I know its an exotic name, but there is a chance. We just chalked it up to that place being super nice and doing something cool for their customer who was having a birthday. So we got this crazy awesome dinner… for free! Yesssss! We were home by 8 pm, and in bed by 10 pm. What happened? I was pretty sure the world was ending because the role reversal had made its completion when Kidd hit me up and said he was going out and asking if I was meeting up. This is what I used to do, I would text Kidd from the club, and he would be the one in bed. Haha.

This is my highlight of the weekend, as petty as it may sound. The next morning I was greeted by the Twitter, and I noticed that Rasberry has been having sweet conversations with herself. Yup, she kept sending herself replies. I don’t know why it was so hilarious to me. Maybe because she’s done this before, or maybe because she fired of two or three messages to herself in a row. You make the call.

We spent the rest of the day house hunting. Once again, I fell in love. But now, I am a scorned lover, who does not believe in the right house. So I will probably end up dating different houses for the rest of my life, and when it starts getting too real, I will pull away, and move on to another house with no reason… breaking the heart of many homes in the process. That’s just how life go.

I was also tricked into going to the mall with Kinsey where I bought zero things for myself. Kinsey bought zero things for herself… I will pause to let you catch your breath from the shock you just suffered… Cason was the big winner (my computer kept changing that word to “wiener” for some odd reason… funny). He came away with a whole new wardrobe, and supplies for his Halloween costume. I was spent after shopping for lil boy clothes, so Kinsey and I decided to rent some scary movies and order some Chinese to be delivered. I ordered our food at 7:30 pm. We watched an entire movie and still had no food. We could not even get through to the restaurant. When I finally got through, it was 9:30. Pretty sure, that’s not good. The lady told me that their driver was on his way and that he should be there in an hour. Really?!?! That’s not really “on his way”. Turns out that one of their drivers had an accident. So this nice man refunded our money, and still delivered our food. Granted, we didn’t get the food until 10:30 pm, a whole three hours later, but we got it… and it completed the back to back free meal nights!

In other news: I finally got Netflix… so I will start watching Breaking Bad now. Get ready, I am going all in… unless Kinsey hates it. In that case, I will be back in the Snapped bandwagon. That show scares me too much.