J-Si’s Blog: I am an adult… sometimes
J-Si’s Blog: I am an adult… sometimes

We’ve had an interesting couple of days. We had Cason accidentally get locked inside Kinsey’s car when our friend’s mom was watching him. Kinsey traded cars with her to avoid moving that pesky car seat. Cason was having a tough time dealing with his two lil molars that are coming in, and Kinsey had pregnancy hormones, so she called this wonderful lady, who Cason loves, to watch him for a couple of hours because I was still at work. So, our friend’s mom took Cason to McDonalds to eat, and enjoy the play area. Once they left she put him in his car seat, but had placed the car keys on the seat on the passenger side. She shut the door, walked around the car to the driver’s side to get in, and the doors were locked. Yup, my lil dude got locked in, during the middle of the day. Our babysitter called the fire dept. right away, and they said they would be there shortly, but that the locksmith that usually helps them unlock doors would not be available for 45 minutes… so she made a decision. She broke the passenger side window to get him out. I don’t blame her, I would have done the same. Cason apparently loved it! He loved it even more when the fire truck got there. There were sirens, and lights, and guys in cool uniforms. Great, now Cason is going to think that every time he goes to McDonalds he will get a fire truck to come down and entertain him.

jsi-casonNow, lets move to yesterday. Cason and I have started taking daddy/son walks around the block. We go different routes everyday, and yesterday we went down the wrong street. We didn’t get lost, just wrong place, wrong time. There was a guy, who had just washed his truck in his driveway. It was super shiny, and he was just finishing up drying it with some weird rag that probably cost too much money. Anyways, he was hosing off the soap from his driveway. Cason walked up to the truck and tried to touch it, and then the guy did something I would never do to someone else’s kid… he sprayed the hose at Cason and said “NO!” Like my son is some sort of dog. He sprayed at Cason’s feet, to get his attention, but the “no” and the water definitely scared Cason a lil bit.
I know what you are thinking… what the heck did I do?! I really wanted to punch the guy in the nose, but Cason was right there, and I have to set the right example. Punching a guy is not very acceptable, even if he did spray my son. So I looked at the guy, with the meanest glare I could muster, shook my head, picked Cason up, and said “really? You’re going to spray a one year old who likes your shiny truck?” They guy just ignored me. So I walked home carrying Cason, trying to make him smile, but I was still angry. I walked into the house, put Cason on the couch, turned Toy Story 3 on, and I marched into the kitchen, where I keep my arsenal of water balloons. Yup, I filled up about 8-10 of those bad boys (with water), put them in a plastic bag, and marched down the street, around the corner, and straight to that guy’s house. I felt kinda gangsta doing that. I wanted to throw them at the guy, but by the time I got there, he was not outside anymore. So I took my water balloons and threw them at his newly washed car. I figured he would enjoy the watermarks on his windshield, doors, hood, and windows. The guy never came out, but I am sure he got the message. I got home and Kinsey asked what I did, I told her. She then got up, went to Target, and returned with a copy of Madden 25. She was rewarding me for not going crazy on the guy, and for still keeping it lighthearted. I didn’t damage anything, I didn’t insult him, I didn’t start a physical altercation. I did it J-Si style. With water balloons.

By the way, Kinsey got me the wrong Madden… she did not get me the PS3 version, she got me the Xbox, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂

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