My buddy, Frank, is getting married on November 2nd! If you don’t remember who Frank is, let me fill you in. He was the best man at my wedding, after winning my best man reality contest. I didn’t know which one of my friends to pick as a best man, so Kidd thought we should have them fight it out, to see who knows me the best. Frank, who is part of my elementary/middle school/high school wolf pack, ended up winning. My wolf packs consist of three people, if you were wondering. Frank was the guy who did not hit puberty until we graduated high school, so girls liked him, but in the “look how cute that puppy is” kind of way. Now, he is getting married to a one of the most popular girls from high school. All the guys liked her, and she is actually a great person, so I am super happy for him.

Now to the point of my story. I am Frank’s best man at his wedding… and so is everyone else in his wedding party. He made everyone a best man. Smart! Why didn’t I think of that?! He also does not want to go the traditional route, and wear tuxedos. He picked out some pants at Banana Republic, and a button up shirt from Macy’s. It’s actually a cool looking outfit, probably put together by his girl, because there is no way he has this kind of style sense. He wanted all of us to pick up our pants at the store ASAP, just in case they did not have them in our area. That way we have time to order them, and get them in time.

cason-handsThis meant that Cason, the baby who plays in poo water, and I had to hit the mall. Kinsey and I are playing man on man defense with the kids. She takes Chloe, and I take on Cason. It makes life easier… sometimes. I didn’t feel like unloading the stroller, because it is a whooping! Also, because I backed that thang up, and as I was walking to the back of the car, some guy decided that out of the 100 open spots in the parking lot, he would pick the one right behind my car, completely blocking my trunk. So Cason was going to walk, thanks to this guy. This gives Cason a lot more freedom than he should be getting with his curiosity. I picked up the pants, no problem. I was on pace to get in and out of the mall in less than 20 minutes, which is every guy’s goal… or at least it should be. Then, I got sidetracked, because Cason saw the Disney Store. Which set of the events that took place. I lost Cason in that store. I will admit it. I got stuck watching some Toy Story cartoon on the big screen they have in there. Next thing I know… he was not next to me. I figured he couldn’t get far. I caught a glimpse of him running outside the store, because he saw a cookie store. I walked after him. I didn’t want to go into run mode, because he would take off running even faster. He noticed three girls standing near the cookie store, which caused him to stop his little run. They had their backs to Cason. They were girls from a private school in the area because they had their uniform on. White shirt, and a skirt. Before I could even react. Cason stuck both hands up one of the girls skirts, and apparently squeezed. The poor girl jumped higher than Michael Jordan. Cason busted out with a lil laugh, and I finally ran to get him, but it was too late. Damage had been done. I looked like a creeper, because of the company I keep, and because I am the grown up, who should have been watching him closer. And Cason did not look a creeper because he is almost 2 and as cute as a button. I apologized profusely. The girl just gave me a half smile and said it was “ok.”

So we didn’t end up going to get my shirt, because I just wanted to get out of there. Next time I will just go ahead and get the stroller out. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.