We went house hunting yesterday… I think our current house got mad at us over that, more on that in a bit. After three months of looking, we have narrowed it down to two houses that we like. Actually, we LOVE one of the houses, but it is just a lil bit over what we wanted to spend. We were told we could borrow a certain amount, and that would cover this house, but I think the smart thing would be to spend half of what they said we could borrow so that we don’t stay stressed out with the living paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. We had seen a couple houses before, but they were empty. This time the houses still had people living in them, so they were all clean and furnished.

I had the “apartment leasing” mentality. You know, the apartment complex has a unit that is furnished and looking nice, but nobody lives there, and they have candy and drinks in the fridge at times and you are free to grab one. One of the houses we went into had a cool fridge, I opened it and there were some beers… so I grabbed one. Then I turned around and saw a bowl of pink starbursts, which are my favorite, so I grabbed a handful. Kinsey and our realtor were looking at the backyard during this whole time. Kinsey walked in and saw me drinking a nice lil Coors light and said, “Where did you get that?” The realtor started laughing by this time. “I got it from the fridge,” I said. Kinsey came back with, “their fridge?” she looked at the realtor and asked, “can he do that?” The realtor said, with a smile, “we try not to steal from the home owners.” Whoops! I totally forgot that it was not a demo house. I felt so bad! I grabbed one of their post-it pads (I don’t call that stealing because I left it in the house) and wrote, “sorry, I accidentally grabbed one of your beers. I owe you: half a Coors light… and 4 pink starbursts. Super sorry!” I left my email along with it, just in case they want to cash in.

So after three hours of walking around in the humidity, with Cason and all of his 27 lbs, and my mother in law, we headed back home. I decided to do a lil workout, and finished it off like I always do… I went outside to shoot the basketball to cool down. Things were going fine, until I started hearing a cracking noise, that suddenly got louder. All of the sudden a couple of leaves fell on me, I looked up, and saw a huge branch that had broken off, and started to fall. I was right underneath it! Luckily, the branch hit my power line, which would could have been a bad thing if it ripped it off the house again, but it didn’t. The power line gave me and my dog enough time to get out of the way. I don’t know how Delilah knew to get out of the way. I think its because she chased me when I ran back. The branch ripped my brand new net, that I bought after the last branch (branch number 3) fell. I walked into the house, a bit shaken, but not stirred. Kinsey did not believe me, until she looked outside. So there’s two things happening:

 1) I may have dodged death and it’s still coming after me with a tree, like in Final Destination.


 2) The house hates us and is trying to get us to move out ASAP, which I am trying to do, but it’s hard, a house out there.

In other news, my fake roach was found… by my mother in law. It was quite hilarious. She saw it… screamed. Then Kinsey walked in holding Cason and saw it… screamed and Cason screamed/cried. I walked in and saw it, laughed. Good times! Glad to have my fake roach back!