My boy, Eric, is officially in the house! Literally. You know what I love about my childhood friends visiting? All the stories we reminisce on. Look, most of us are not super tight with all of our friends from high school, let alone middle school, and if you go back to elementary school… that’s crazy. Even though I am not very close with my gang of buddies from my 10 years of playing football anymore, I do find myself incredibly lucky to still be friends with my first two friends from when my parents and I moved into that neighborhood after we tried living in the hood after coming over from Mexico. We only lasted a year in the hood… a blonde Mexican boy, who went to Catholic school back home will probably have a tough time getting accustomed to the public school system from time to time, and getting beat up my first day did not help things. haha.

So I have managed to get my buddy to come to my kickball game tonight, because we have a couple former Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders on our team, so that was an easy sale. I have also gotten him to commit to coming to my flag football game tomorrow, so that Cason can watch me play, since Kinsey refuses to come because she “thinks a ball is going to hit her boob”. True story. So how did I celebrate my buddy agreeing to babysit my son while I play sports? I antiqued him. We have been talking about it a lot, and this morning at 3:50, after I got out of the shower I saw a bottle of baby powder. We don’t use it because we read that it can go all up into the baby’s nostrils and into their lungs. So in my head, I can’t let this go to waste. So I antiqued my buddy. Yay! Caution: Wives are not very happy when you spill baby powder all over the place at 3:50. Eric woke up, screamed, we started laughing, Cason woke up, Kinsey walked out and uttered her famous, “J-Si, what the hell?!”

Luckily, I woke everyone up, because we then heard some bumping music, and saw a red car driving by really slowly… and then it came back, and then back again. The third time, they were intercepted by a 5-0 (cop). Why? Because, Kinsey made me call the cops. As I was walking out of my house two guys were getting cuffed. I have no idea what they were doing, but I am pretty sure they were up to no good. So, we may have saved a window from being broken. Who bumps their music that loudly when scoping out potential property that does not belong to them? When I do that, I listen to NPR. Nobody ever doubts a random dude driving slowly with political talk emanating from their car. Being a hero before 4:30 am is tough 😉