Not to sound all negative and stuff because I am a happy dude but I am pretty sure I have a new pet: a black cloud. Not one of those statement clouds that means I am depressed and have a negative attitude. I am talking about a for reals black cloud, with rain, that really likes me. I have not been to a baseball game in about a year. Why? Because last time I went to the ballpark, it poured, there was an hour rain delay and we did not get home until around midnight because of it. So when my buddy’s team came to town to play again, I made some better plans. I picked a day game! Plus, there has been some really crazy good weather lately… so what could go wrong? Well, it was freezing cold yesterday, and the rain made an appearance again. It’s like the weather gods found out we were gonna hit the baseball game up. Good news: my buddy’s team won. Bad news: we didn’t really watch much of it because our goal was to make sure Cason didn’t turn into iceman.

There are few things that are worse than a rain delay at a baseball game. All the dry areas get incredibly crowded. You end up standing next to the hot dogs, and smelling them… but it is an incredible test of will power. I did give in and bought one, but Cason grabbed mine. Thinking he would just take a couple bites, I let him hold it, but he quickly threw it on the ground. It’s like my trainer had called Cason and told him to do that. hotdogI guess my hot dog relationship yesterday was not meant to be. I also learned that some children, like my son, can sit down and stay calm for about 10 minutes…tops. Last year, Cason would cry every time people cheered, which was every time someone came up to bat, or every time an out was made…basically every 15 seconds. It was not a pleasant experience. This time, he would cry every 15 seconds, because he would see the guys throwing the ball, and he wanted it. He would also see the players running around, which made him want to run around. So we are 0-2 with taking Cason to baseball games. I may wait until he can talk, and appreciate dollar hot dog night (without throwing them on the floor).

Good news: at least I got home at a decent time this time. Yay!