Ok, it is not really considered meeting somebody if you are about 400 yards away, and if they appear to be small enough to attend the reading center for ants that Zoolander was so mad about. So I will just say that I finally got to see Carrie perform live. This is my unbiased opinion. Even though she is my free pass, I will give it to you straight: She is, by far, the best singer I have ever heard in person. She was so good! How good was she?!?!?! She was so good, that she made Kinsey cry. I am pretty sure that the adult beverages she had may have helped. But seriously, Carrie was better than Lambert, Christina, Beyonce, and yes… even better than Britney Spears. I know, admitting she’s better than Britney is gutsy, but I am standing by that statement. I have no idea how she can perform like that every night, but her voice was as clear as a window… not a window at my house, though. Those have handprints and slobber from Cason, and are not very clear.

I am pretty proud to say that we had the best concert experience possible. We showed up right before she went on, which meant no traffic, and we left before the show was over, which meant no traffic. It was executed perfectly! And we managed to only spend 45 bucks on the babysitter, which is actually pretty good!

Speaking of the babysitter, you know your wife does not trust your conversational ability if she says this to you before she gets to the house:

Kinsey: Don’t embarrass me this time, Jose!
Me: What are you talking about?
Kinsey: Do not say inappropriate things to her, she’s 18.
Me: I have never said anything inappropriate to her…
Kinsey: Really? You told her not to buy porn on the TV last time.
Me: I was just setting rules.

Ok, Kinsey has me on that. I did say that to her when we told her she could buy a movie if she wanted to. That’s not inappropriate, right? Plus, it was when I thought she was 20 years old, and not 18. I don’t know what the 2 year difference makes, but I feel it is more appropriate to say that to someone who has a “2” in their age… unless they are 12… or 2. So I was only allowed to say “hello”, and “the diapers are right here”. I personally feel that Kinsey took away my freedom of speech. Sad day. ha!