After the show I was having a conversation with executive producer Sunny J, aka White Cheddar, aka Punta Cana Cowboy, aka Robert… anyways, we were talking about my lil upcoming episode on OWN. He said he was surprised that he had not heard from them, since TV people love to plug their shows on the radio. To tell you the truth, that same thought was running through my head. Why have they not contacted us… at all, since last week, when I was told Oprah really respected my willingness to do what I did. Two things crossed my mind:

1. I am not going to like the episode because they will portray me in a negative light.

2. I ticked them off by asking for Oprah to come on the show.

The producer from Iyanla’s show must have known we talked about him, because when I received a call from him as soon as I walked into my house. He was calling to give me an email so that we could formally ask to have Oprah on the show! Yessssssss! This may actually happen! It’s not like we would get to meet her in person, but it’s just as good. I am still going to hope that she surprises me at my house for a delicious dinner. She will have to sit on the couch with us because we still don’t own a dining room table, but that will make it more intimate. Kinsey is still mad that I decided to buy a TV for our living room instead of a table. I win! So lets all cross our fingers and hope that Oprah comes on the show sometime this week. If she doesn’t, I will officially have to break up with her.

I have some more good news: the drama with my landlord has been officially squashed! It took about 5 months, but it’s done. We came to an agreement, she came over to talk, we hashed things out, and now we are back to normal… for now. Luckily, we also just got word from our realtor, letting us know that the current owner of the house we are looking to buy is willing to fix up what we requested. Stuff is getting real now! See?!?! After 9 month of bad luck, things are turning around. Haven’t gotten pulled over in a while, no more tree branches are falling, landlord drama is done (for now), Cason is crawling, and my mom and I are chatting a bit. Good times! See?!?! Every time things get a lil cloudy, you just have to truck through it, get out of the haze, and into the sun again.

We are also planning on taking our first trip to Mexico City with Cason to visit bio fam! We just have to get our lil guy a passport! I wonder if those last 10 years like adult ones… pretty sure Cason will be unrecognizable if you compare his picture now, to what he will look like in 10 years. Hopefully he looks like me so he can be handsome, because if he looks like his mom, he will be beautiful and hot, and that’s not what us guys want to be. ha!