I will admit it. My first go around at this, I was in it because I was curious. I had just found out who my real father was. I was in the process of trying to get to know my family in Mexico. It was looking rocky, so I turned to my mother’s side, because I thought that would somehow go smoothly. Then things turned with my bio dad. We started talking, I met my brothers and sister, I met aunts and uncles, and I dropped what I was doing.

familyWhat was I doing? I was trying to find my mom’s biological parents. I guess that I got really into what I was discovering in Mexico, that I let go of this challenge. It was also one of those things that really kept knocking me down. Everything I tried, turned into a dead end. But now, I need to be responsible. I need to be responsible for my mom, for me, and most importantly, for my kids. There are some obvious medical issues that my mom and I have gone through, and I want to know if my kids are going to suffer from them too. Are they going to have migraines? Are they going to have fainting spells? Are they at risk to have a brain hemorrhage? I honestly keep thinking about this. And honestly, I still wonder who I am related to. Who are my relatives. Am I related to LeBron James? Hey, my mom was born in Akron… you never know. haha. I still think it is crazy that my mom was adopted by a Mexican family, here in the states, and lived her entire life in Mexico. The little things that need to happen, for things to turn out the way they do. If it weren’t for that, I would never have happened.

So here I am, committing myself to this. If I have to fly to Akron, Ohio and get my butt to the Summit County courthouse, and beg the judge to open my mother’s file… I will do it. I look at this as my next journey in life… and I will not let this go this time. I hate failing… and I already failed once. Maybe, if I do this… my mom will be proud of me. Cue Enrique Iglesia’s “Hero”… and scene 🙂

Wish me luck. Also, if you are my biological grandmother and you are reading this. I am looking for you, holler at me on facebook, or something… I will also accept twitter, but no instagram. Grandmas on instagram weird me out.