J-Si’s Blog: I’m a professional…
J-Si’s Blog: I’m a professional…

If it is seems like I have gone to many weddings in the past year, it’s
because I have, but I think this past one will be the last one for a
while… I think. My buddy, Jeremy, got married back home, and I was
asked to be a groomsmen, so I could not miss this bad boy. Plus, this guy
has been there for me in some tough times. I met him when we both got
into radio, and we ended up working pretty closely together doing
promotions. I went the on-air route, and he went the sales route, but we
always remained close.

guy-dancing-on-the-floorAnyways, the wedding was wonderful! We had a blast, but there was something that happened that brought up a weird conversation when I got home. Apparently, my old roommate took a video of me on the dance floor during the “Electric Slide”, which must be played at every single wedding, and sent it to Kinsey. So Kinsey decided to crack jokes when I got home. Kinsey has dubbed me the “Professional Wedding Dancer” because every time I go to a wedding, I do nothing but dance, and according to her, I take it seriously. She said I pretend like I am doing a choreographed routine… by myself. haha. I have never noticed this. I
just go have fun. But Looking at the video she was sent: I do. I completely get waaaaay into it. It’s actually kind of embarrassing. So now, she is telling me that she is going to post an ad on craigslist just in case some brides want to hire me as the “get the dance floor going” guy. Yeah, Kinsey got jokes.

Here is the thing: every wedding has that person, and I think I only do
it when I am comfortable, meaning I know a lot of the people there.
There’s always the dancing machine, the “I drank too much” guy, the
“hitting on every single girl” guy (sometimes blends in with the drank
too much dude), the “crying in the corner” girl, the “underage sneak
machine” (they sneak a couple of drinks in)… and more. Out of those, I
am ok with being the overly serious dancer… I think.