J-Si’s Blog: I’m falling apart!
J-Si’s Blog: I’m falling apart!

Ok, I don’t know if I am falling apart. I grew up without having to deal with allergies. Never had them. Had no idea what they felt like. All of a sudden, they started to hit me, little by little. This year has been the worst, by far! My throat itches, eyes itch, arms itch… heck, if it’s on my body, odds are it has itched really bad in the last week. I went out for a bit on Saturday, just to get some fresh air, and my allergies got worse. Ma bad! I don’t know what changed in my body, but I am pretty sure whatever is in charge of kicking the crap out of allergies decided to go work in someone else’s body. And yes, I have taken medicine. I don’t know what I take, mostly because I just swallow whatever pill Kinsey hands me, but she says the medicine deals with allergies. So far, they only work if I want to go to sleep, because they make me super sleepy.

Now, lets move on to the Kinsey blunder of the weekend. She wanted to get out of the house on Friday so she said she would go pick up some food and a movie. It has become a bit of a Friday night ritual for us. I usually pick the movie out, and we usually get it on demand. But, she wanted to try something different this time… she wanted to try: THE RED BOX! I haven’t tried it out, mostly because the only time I tried, I didn’t find anything I wanted to watch. But I trust Kinsey. I just told her to get a comedy that looked appealing to her. Old or new. She knows my taste.

So she comes home, with a movie in hand. I was excited, until I asked what she got. Before showing me the movie, she told me that there was a lady behind her in line that recommended the movie. Astonishment and surpriseSo I asked if the woman was old or young. Kinsey said she was older. Crap. I like older people… heck, my grandparents are old people. Good people. But, I don’t really trust their taste in comedies. So what incredibly hilarious movie was it? How bout some Parental Guidance, starring Billy Crystal? It didn’t do very well in theaters, and it is rated PG. I have two rules for comedies. I will only watch them if:

1. They are rated R or PG-13 (more chances for adult humor)…


2. Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, or Zach Galifinalfkdhalhfdlkafus (and his beard) in it.

Those are my two rules. This movie failed to meet these requirements. Did we end up watching the movie? No. Why? Kinsey didn’t want to. Yes, she picked it out, but she was mad that she took a random older lady’s advice and ended up renting a movie full of family fun. Now she knows to at least look at the rating. Kinsey has been put on administrative watch with movie picking. We will review her case in three weeks.