J-Si’s Blog: Just a lil sprinkle of bad luck
J-Si’s Blog: Just a lil sprinkle of bad luck

Around this time last year, we had a tree fall on our old house… almost to the day. Well, to celebrate the one year anniversary, the bad luck gods sent us a gift. I got a frantic text from Kinsey yesterday informing me that there were firefighters behind our house because a transformer blew up. Those can be pretty loud, and it definitely woke Cason up, and started a small fire that could have caught our fence and neighbors fence on fire. Luckily, we live pretty close to the fire station, and they got there in time to take care of the fuego.

Now, I know what you are thinking: what the heck was Optimus Prime doing behind my house, and what caused him to blow up? I have no idea. I tried to get some answers from the firefighter, but he just laughed, and did not reply. I am thinking it is some sort of government secret that I am not allowed to know about… OoooooBAMA!

Luckily, there was no damage to the house, and nobody was hurt. I just hope there are no more fights between cars that turn into huge robots behind my house. I wonder if they got into a huge argument and said, “let’s meet behind J-Si’s house at 8 am to take care of this!” Seriously, what happened to meeting at the park by a huge tree? Plenty of room to take care of business there. Oh well. Also, to answer your question: no, I am not on drugs.

Oh and don’t worry, that was not the only bad luck sprinkle. Apparently, Cason has hand, foot, and mouth disease. What is it? Some disease that causes your lil one to get a rash and blisters all over their body. This is why Cason has not been sleeping. I would tell you more, but the doctor we saw yesterday was a huge jerk. Our doc was busy, so they had another one see Cason. By the way, if you happen to be a pediatrician… shouldn’t you love children? Wouldn’t you be an extremely warm and welcoming person to the lil ones? noOur usual doctor sure is. This guy was just cold, and as clearly annoyed that Cason was crying. Of course he’s crying, he has blisters on his hands, mouth, and feet. He’s getting poked. Your touching him with cold hands, and a cold stethoscope. The doctor didn’t really describe what the disease is… we actually had to go home and look it up because doc was a fan of the one word answer. He basically said: “he has hand, foot, and mouth disease.” Then we asked how we take care of it, what meds to buy, what could happen, how to avoid it in the future, and so on. He responds with, “just give a little TLC,” as he walked out the room. No handshake, no “let us know how he’s doing”, no high five for Cason… nothing. The man was walking around looking all morose, as if he were working in a funeral home. Geez. At least the nurse came back in, smiled at Cason, and gave him a sticker.

So, how did Cason get this? Because we took him to a company that babysits a bunch of kids. This is when having family in town would really help with the whole keeping a baby healthy and away from weird illnesses.