J-Si’s Blog: Kinsey dun gone cray!
J-Si’s Blog: Kinsey dun gone cray!

Well, its official… I think Kinsey has gone slightly nutty. Let me rephrase that, because she has always been slightly nutty. She has gone full on cray, weird, off the deep end, whatever you want to call it. The last few nights, I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming it or what, but Kinsey was doing some really weird stuff, and as we sat on the couch talking, she verified everything. It was like everything suddenly came back to her. Case and point (here are a few of the conversations):

Conversation #1

Kinsey: Oh my gosh! Do you remember me staring at you while you slept?
Me: No… I was sleeping.
Kinsey: I was staring at you wondering “who is this fat guy in my bed”… not that you are fat or anything, it was just really dark.
Me: well, why would you think I was fat if it was dark.
Kinsey: I don’t know… Maybe I was sleep walking?
Me: But you weren’t walking.
Kinsey: Whatever, you know what I mean! I had to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, and turn the light on to figure out who the guy was.
Me: And who was it?
Kinsey: Well, it was you… duh!
Me: I’m confused.

Conversation #2

Kinsey: Or what about the other night?
Me: What?
Kinsey: Remember when I asked you “where would Cason be right now?” at 3 in the morning… when he woke up crying?
Me: Kind of… did I answer?
Kinsey: Yeah, you said “he would be in his crib.” haha!
Me: Why is that funny?
Kinsey: Because you said it in a rude tone.
Me: Because I was sleeping?
Kinsey: No, because your a rude sleeper.
Me: Your mom is a rude sleeper!
Kinsey: José!
Me: Ha!

Conversation #3

Me: What about during the weekend when you came out to the living room at 1 am while I was watching a movie?
Kinsey: Yeah!!!! I was asking you “who was she?”
Me: How do you remember?
Kinsey: I was sleep remembering, I guess.
Me: No such thing.
Kinsey: I know… I wonder why I was asking you that in my sleep?
Me: I wonder why you, rudely, interrupted my movie.

Conversation #4

Kinsey: Ah! Remember when I was jumping on the last night.
Me: No. I guess I was passed out.
Kinsey: Yeah! I was jumping on the bed because I was dreaming about cockroaches! They were chasing me.
Me: Oh.
Kinsey: It’s your fault for not killing the one in the kitchen and flushing it down the toilet instead. I almost peed in the sink.
Me: Why didn’t you?
Kinsey: It was too tall… and I was crying and didn’t want to fall because I couldn’t see very well.
Me: It’s probably not too tall for me.
Kinsey: Well you can aim higher than I can, can’t you?
Me: Good night. Can’t wait to see what sort of shenanigans you pull tonight.
Kinsey: You don’t care that I was crying?
Me: I can’t win. haha.