J-Si’s Blog: Lil bit of this and that
J-Si’s Blog: Lil bit of this and that

Kinsey and I decided we would turn this into one of those busy weekends, because why not! We had the Kidd’s Kids concert on Friday to get things started! Kinsey brought the kids, and this year was Chloe’s turn to go onstage. This is a big deal for me, mostly because I never know what my kids are going to do… or not do. Last year Cason waved while he sucked his thumb. He wasn’t into talking once he saw the crowd. I would have brought both out, but right before I headed down, Cason had a change of heart, which is fine. Last year Cason was into walking out there on his own. Chloe made me hold her, but when I told her to say hi to the crowd, she paused. She looked into the audience, waited another second as everyone sat there quietly, and then in the tiniest lil girl voice she said “hi” into the mic. It’s the small things in life that make me super happy. Afterwards, on the way back to mommy she kept saying “I said ‘hi’ papa… I did it. I said ‘hi’!”
Haha. She was super proud of herself.

Kinsey ended up taking the kiddos home so they could go to sleep, and the guys from MKTO asked me and my buddy to show them around town for a bit. We hit up one bar, and as we were about to head off to another spot, I pulled the Houdini. I was tired. It was a long day. They understood. Sometimes you just have to disappear because you know you are too weak to say no to friends when they tell you to stay out for just one more hour. Remember that kids. Just make sure you tell your friends once you get home so nobody gets worried about you.

jsi-blog-pic-072015Plus, I wanted to rest up because Kinsey and I had our first hang out session with our new married couple friends, Sarah and David. This is one that I set up! Normally, Kinsey is the one who makes a friend, and then she sets up the hanging out. This time I met a friend, who is married with two kids (like us), he likes the same stuff I like, and his wife seemed super cool. So we set up a swimming session at their house. It is safe to say, it all went super well. In fact, Cason, who is the most careful lil dude I know (I know, his two scars on his forehead would say otherwise), tried some things for the first time! He actually jumped into the pool, holding his breath, and would allow himself to go under! He had never done that before… on purpose. However, he would require everyone to be yelling “JUMP! CASON, CASON!” So after Chloe had gotten dressed and was just hanging out, Cason was asking for his cheer, so we did it. We were all staring at Cason while chanting “JUMP!” That’s when out of the corner of my eye I hear Chloe say, “ok!” and she jumped into the pool, with her clothes on, no floatation equipment. David was in the pool, and pulled her right out. She was clapping for herself as she was coming up under the water, and as he pulled her out she screamed “yay!” And that is why we don’t have a pool. Because Chloe is crazy. Always keep your eyes on the lil ones around the pool. Always.

Sunday, we set up a day date for us. Kinsey had been wanting to go to a pool party at a club that is pretty popular on the weekends. So that’s what we set up. We got a sitter for a couple of hours. Kinsey met up with a friend for a couple drinks. I rode my new Glidr with my buddy around, and didn’t fall once! Pool parties are weird at clubs. They definitely have a pool, but not very many people actually get into the pool. It’s more of a stand around the pool and sit in the shady areas, or dance in front of the DJ booth kind of party. What I did like about doing this, is that I got super tired. So when we got home around 6, I was able to sit on the couch with the kids, drink our milk, and when I went to put Cason down in his bed at 8, I passed out with him. I got a full nights sleep, and feel great! But, I missed my new favorite show “Battle Bots”.