You know what I am trying to do? I am trying to keep it positive. Imma keep on smilin, and try to brush this nutty business out of here. We officially have one week left in the hotel before we have to find a new place… and our house is nowhere near done… and, for the life of us, we cant find a new place to live in. It will work out. I may be backed in a corner because I got tough and gave my landlord one week to fix the house… or I am moving. Yeah, thats probably not going to happen. And I can’t really be weak sauce and back off my demands because it gives her all the power. Plus I feel bad for bio sis, because she is in town to get to know me and I have spent my time talking with lawyers, talking with real estate agents, and trolling around town looking for houses for sale that may be interested in leasing to us for a year while they keep looking for people to buy. All three of those things are a whooping!

When Kinsey got home yesterday, she decided that we needed to relax, so we went down to the pool. This is where the creeper of the day was. This guy could clearly see that I was there with my wife, my kid, and my sister. He could also tell I was not in the best mood because I had just spent about an hour sitting outside the gate talking to the Oprah people, and a lawyer, who was giving me some legal mumbo jumbo that I already forgot about. It was also about 7 pm, and he happened to be hammered… along with his much younger and loud date. When I walked back in the pool area, he called me over and slurred these words, “can you please tell her that this pool turns into a topless pool after 7?” Yup, that happened. They were clearly on a first “date” because I looked at him and said, “I dont think my wife would appreciate me telling your girlfriend to get topless.” He then replied with, “come on, have some fun.” Then I realized I needed to loosen up, so to get out of that I said, “plus, my son would probably get hungry.” The girl didnt get the joke because she said, “want us to buy him a lil hamburger?” I walked away. 10 minutes later, I’m pretty sure he handed her some money and she left. I didnt see it happen, but I bet that really happened.

Cute moment of the day: Bio sis brought Cason some toys from Mexico… and I have caught Kinsey playing with them and trying to learn Spanish by repeating what the toy says. Yesterday I thought she was cursing at me because she landed on “F es de foca” when I walked in. Last night she learned that “S es de serpiente”. Lil steps, people… lil steps.