J-Si’s Blog: Man Weekend
J-Si’s Blog: Man Weekend

Who would have thought that all I had to do, to get Big Al to come visit my house, is say I was going to buy a lawnmower?! Well, it happened! Plus, we got a bonus: we picked up the ping-pong table my boss bought me for my birthday! I had been waiting to get into our new house… and for someone with a truck willing to help… so that finally went down.

jsi-blog-050916-BLOG-PICI will admit that the morning did get off to a Big Al Mack start. He asked me what store the table was at, and I told him. It was via text, so if he forgot he could always take a look. I arrived at the time we decided on. Walked inside, and as I was about to get help, he texted me “here!”. Two dudes, with impeccable timing is what I was thinking was happening. I told him I was getting squared away inside, so he hit me up with, “cool, heading to the loading dock! So I get everything set inside, finish up with the manager, and as he is telling the guy to go ahead and bring it to the front on his radio, I stop him and say, “oh, my boy already drove back to the loading dock!” He looked at me and said, “what loading dock?” So I said, “my buddy told me they told him to go to the loading dock so he drove there from the front to wherever it is.” Again, the manager with a confused looked at me and said, “Our loading zone is right in the front.” As he is telling me this, I get the text from Al asking where I am at, so I asked him what store he was at. He responded. It was the wrong store. Definitely not the one we had talked about.

That was an easy fix. Ten minutes later the train was back on the tracks. He showed up, we loaded the table, and took off to his homeland: Home Depot. You wanna see what true happiness is, take Al on a trip there, and then let him pick everything out. We got a lawnmower, weed whacker, some hedge trimmers, a blower, and a gas can. Man stuff. Things that will pay themselves off in a couple of months… with my labor… but still, well worth it! Then the man starts talking about oil, and gas, and ethanol, and mixing things with the gas. My mind was spinning. Big Al said, don’t worry, “I’ve never changed the oil in my lawn mower and it still works.” I felt better.

Not only did Al come help me choose, he stayed at my house, we put the stuff together, and we got to work on my yard. I’m mowing, all is whacking… weed whacking, Kinsey is using the leaf blower. I felt good about myself. Did my yard look as good as the yards that are taken care of professionally? No. But from far away, it looks fine!

You know what else I did? I hung a chandelier this weekend. THAT. WAS. SCARY. You have to do some electrical work. Turned off the power. Disconnected the old one. Wired the new one up. Set it up. Turned power back on. Chandelier worked! Thanks YouTube! I looked at 5 different people’s videos to make sure they all did the same thing, and that I followed all the safety measures.

Don’t worry; it wasn’t all work this weekend. Kinsey and I met up with Jenna and her friends for her Birthday dinner! She had her own filter on Snapchat, which is pretty cool. How, you ask? Her best friend had set it up. I guess you can pay for one for a few hours, and then set where you want it to appear. Legit!

Then there was Mothers Day. We kept it pretty chill, since we were going hard all weekend. Finally found the Church we are going to attend. We went to our friend’s house after to have some BBQ, and let the kids play, and then we went home. I know the kids had made some projects at school, because Cason had already told Kinsey what he made her, but he lost it. haha. Instead, he said, “but you still have the app I made you!” (He was talking about the OneDay app video we made last week).

You know whom else we met up with? The owners of our old house! We have become buddies. That’s not weird is it? We have decided to go have drinks with each other at least once a month. They turned out to be people I would love to have as neighbors, and actually remind me of Kinsey and me. Plus, this makes the whole getting our stray mail a fun experience!