That awkward moment when you find out your football idol took family pictures outside your work, and you were nowhere to be found to go out there and become best friends, haha. Yup, that happened. LaDainian Tomlinson and his family apparently took pictures on the canal, right outside the very studio I work at every- single-day. Where was I? I have no idea. How did I find out? Because I saw the picture on Facebook… because I somehow got his wife to accept my friend request a while back. Maybe its best that I didn’t see them, cause I would have accidentally photo bombed their family pic. It would have been legit tho! ha.

I have one request for the producers of The Bachelor. Please, no more b-roll of Sean Lowe running around in his underwear. I know that the ladies may want to see it, but it is really awkward for guys, like me, who get stuck watching with their lady. Plus, the angles they shoot are a little too uncomfortable. I know this is not Sean’s fault. It is, most likely, a producer telling him to do it, and he just does it to get it over with. I will now take time to defend why I decided to look up who wins. It’s more interesting to watch. bachelor favesKnowing which girl takes the Sean prize lets me see how their relationship develops. There are subtle hints in there throughout the editing process too. It makes it more fun to watch, plus knowing that the girls I dislike the most don’t win, makes me feel better. On the other hand, being a dude, who has grown to not hate that show, makes me feel weird.

Can’t take Cason anywhere part 2: Yup, its official. Cason’s “buck yeah” has stuck. I am thinking of holding off the public outings until he learns something new to yell. Kinsey has been going to something called “market” to look at clothes and jewelry. So it has been just two dudes hanging out at the house. Cason doesn’t just chill at the house, so I have to take him to the Wal-Mart or Target to get his people watching fulfilled. We don’t buy anything, we just roll around the store while he points at people and says, “buck yeah”. So if you see us, please don’t give the stink eye. He is not cursing.