I wish the title of my blog was actually about me… but if it was about my life, it would be more like “mo money… yay!!!!” Ever since I was a kid, I have looked up to athletes. It’s always been the dream job! You play sports and get paid a lot of money? Yes please! These guys always have the most expensive cars, the most jewelry, the best looking girls, and the biggest houses. Even as a kid I could see this. Once I got old enough to be at the clubs, it became more evident. They would buy tables and bottles all over the place. I actually asked the owner of a club how much a football player that I saw out all the time had spent at his club. He said that his bill was about $10k. Really? I had just as much fun and I only spent $30. But, if you have the money… why not?

Problem… a lot of those guys don’t have the money. I watched a documentary on ESPN last night. I had actually looked forward to watching it for a while. It exposes the ugly truth. Most athletes are not making the millions. Most of these guys live paycheck to paycheck. How can you live paycheck to paycheck when you are making 20k a month? We have all heard of the athletes that make millions and end up broke, but I never really understood why. It’s basically what happens to people who win the lottery. First, you have family members who “need” money to pay bills. Can’t say no to family, right? Well, you should. Mom and Dad are an exception, but your second cousin who was dumb, and accidentally got a girl pregnant can find his own way out of that situation. Then they deal with making stupid investments, because their friends, who have zero business experience, have an idea that will “make the millions”. I actually don’t blame those friends, because I tend to think that I have an idea that will make millions, once a day. They also have to deal with the pregnancy trap. I know, most guys wish that girls would be so open to the one night hookup, but it mostly happens to rich guys… who end up fathering 10 children and lose all their income to child support. Then they stop making money, and the kids end up getting screwed.

Look at the bright side though, at least they have the genetic make up to be athletes… so that’s cool, unless they hate sports because their father was a dead beat athlete. The last problem these guys have: getting taken advantage of. Sometimes, the professional bald guys, wearing suits, are the most dangerous people. Scam artists, but even regular people get hit up by these guys. Oh, and you can’t forget that these guys have a huge problem with spending… and did you know they only get paid while they play. So they actually have to set money aside so they can live while they are not in season. Um… I can barely set money aside right now, and I get paid every two weeks.

It was sad to see these guys that I grew up watching play… who are now just as broke as I am. But, at least they got to have fun for a few years. So now when you see an athlete out and about in his Bentley, making it rain on girls, popping bottles in the club… throw him a lil cash. He will need it in about 5 years if the statistics are right. And you know what they say about statistics: sometimes they are always right, or something like that.

Good news: I won’t be having those problems any time soon. I wonder if Seacrest has a cousin who keeps asking for money. I also wonder if he makes it rain in clubs. That means Seacrest is gonna go broke because of it. Fun times.