I have been waiting patiently for a year and a half for this moment. When Cason was born, I pictured us playing catch in the backyard, which won’t happen for another few years due to his lack of ability to catch. I pictured us going for bike rides… again, a few years away from that. I pictured us playing guitar together; that actually happens, but he basically just plays his toy guitar and it barely resembles the sound of an actual guitar. I pictured us watching football together, which has happened but Cason does tend to lose interest rather quickly. Hopefully, that will change this year. I also pictured us going to the movies.

I know what you are thinking: J-Si, why on Earth are you looking forward to going to a bunch of movies for kids? Honestly, I love animated films. I even love the shows Cason watches on TV.cason We will sit there watching TV, he gets bored, gets up and plays with his toys, and I will finish watching the show. I become invested in what’s happening. This also happens with movies. So we got ourselves into Monsters University. I figured he would like that movie because of the big funny looking characters. We got popcorn, because he kept pointing at some, got into our seats, and I crossed my fingers, hoping he would sit and watch with no problem.

We were sitting there, sharing our popcorn, having a good time, enjoying the previews and the short film that lasted about 30 minutes. That ended up ruining the movie watching experience. The movie started, he seemed to be enjoying it, he waved at every character, he was smiling, laughing. Basically, things were perfect… until we ran out of popcorn. That did not sit well with the Cason. He got up, out of nowhere, and ran to the front screen and started screaming, “bye, bye!” to the characters. We spent the rest of the movie outside the theater. I was hoping I could bring him back in, so that I could see how the movie turns out, but that never happened. Maybe I will just rent it on video, or look up the synopsis, complete with outcome, online. Money well spent.