You know what my favorite thing to do as a kid was? Well, besides breaking stuff, eating my moms lip gloss, jumping on the bed, chasing my grandmas cat, and dressing up in my batman costume… it was looking a pictures of me as a baby. This started at about the age of 5, and continued the entire time I lived with my parents. I would bust the photo albums out here and there, and sit in my room looking at the pictures… usually, in high school, I would invite the current girlfriend to check the albums out with me, to let her know what sort of baby this guy would create one day. Yeah, I bragged about my baby pictures to girls when I was younger… but it worked. Pretty sure it would work for anyone, due to the fact that all babies have some sort of cute factor.

Yesterday, Kinsey and I were going through some boxes, since we are trying to finish the moving process and we need to get rid of the junk. I came across a random picture Kinsey had printed out a while back. I don’t know how she got it, or when, but it was a picture of me in some jeans, boots, a polo shirt, and a vaquero hat. First of all, I those must be the only boots I have ever owned. It brought back memories… I found myself wanting to look at those albums, but I dont have them. It also made me realize how much Cason looks like me. Holy Crap, if you were to tell me that you took my DNA and cloned me, I would believe Cason was a clone. So I did have a point when showing my baby pics off to the ladies back in the day, cause Cason is a god looking man baby.

Unfortunately for me, this means we will definitely be having another kid someday, because Kinsey was complaining that he looks too much like me… because that is apparently a bad thing. haha. We also have more crap to go through today, because I ended up just looking at the pictures in that particular box while Kinsey cleaned it out. I win.