I know, I know… we have been on this house hunt for half the year, it seems. Looks like we are nearing the end of the road (I love Boyz II Men), and it is getting real. It started getting real when we put down a whole bunch of money, but a date was not given to us. Well, yesterday we were told that it looks like all of this could be coming to an end on November 15. AHHHHHHHH! Although we are getting the house that we fell in love with a long time ago, thins are starting to set in.

Remember being able to be spontaneous and go on a random trip here and there because you had a lil money off to the side. Yesterday, we realized those days may be over. We got invited to Vegas for a couples trip… problem is that we are going to be “new house broke” for a few months. Plus, finding a babysitter for a weekend is pretty tough. Not because nobody will do it. Mostly because I am scared… scared because homeboy is a tornado now. We are not able to sit down in one place and let him hang out in the corner with his toys. He crawls to the bathroom, he crawls into bedrooms, he crawls into the kitchen, he slams doors, he crawls to the TV stand and slaps the TV, and he loves sneaking into the dogs room and throwing their food around like he is making it rain with kibbles and bits. He also learned a new trick.

While Kinsey went to the store, we hung out. I got caught up on the phone with my buddy for a minute. Next thing I know, Cason is nowhere to be found. I looked in all his favorite spots, and nothing. Did I start freaking out a bit? Yes. I walked into our bedroom and heard a tooting noise coming from under the bed, “pfffffffffffft, pffffffft.” Yup, there he was. He learned to crawl under the bed, where he was playing with a dog toy and sticking his tongue out, blowing air out, and making the poo gas noise. I couldn’t reach the guy, and he thought it was hilarious, so I had to bribe him to come out by putting my cell phone on the ground. That did the trick. Crisis averted. Lesson learned. However, Cason is up 1-0 in hide ‘n seek. Game on, sir! He doesn’t know I am a champion hide ‘n seeker!