Actually, it’s not really the road, more like “in the air again”. I am headed back home for a whooping 17 hours. Normally, I wouldn’t just throw money away to go on a 17 hour trip, but I do make exceptions… like my sister graduating from High School!!!! She is officially a grown a$$ woman! I missed the actual graduation because her school thinks it’s a good idea to have the graduation on a Thursday, which totally makes it easy for family members to ditch work and travel… or not. It’s ok, because graduations are actually a bit of a whooping. You wait an hour to hear a name, and another hour for the whole ceremony to finish. It’s almost as painful as going to the DMV, where you also wait hours just to hear one name be called, and another hour while the clerk gets her manager because something is wrong on your profile, and they can’t figure it out.

In another area of my life, my sister in law, Keley, and her boyfriend had something horrible happen to them. I blame my sister in law. She was at a bar last week with a friend, who brought another friend, who my sister in law had not met. The girl was going out of town, and has a dog, so what does Keley do? She offers to watch it for her. She blames the baddogalcohol for her friendliness. Well, she has had the dog for a week. Within the first three hours, it got out into the street, ran towards the main road, and was almost hit by a car. THREE HOURS IN. Since then, that dog has been nothing but trouble. It goes pee and poo everywhere. On the carpet, on the couch, on the bed… you name it, there’s going to have been some pee or poo on it. Plus, it really likes to bark. Here is the problem, and I blame the owner for this: you know if you have a bad dog. As an owner, you know that your dog is a bad dog. I knew that about Delilah… so we only let her stay with her previous owners, because they knew how to handle her. AKA- they have a backyard she can chill in. So if you know you have a horrible dog, you don’t let a stranger watch it. Now there’s carpet, bed sheets, clothing, and other things that have been ruined. Maybe it would have been good for the dog to run away that first day… it would have totally found his house for sure. That’s probably were he was trying to go.