I was completely ready for this once Cason started his school adventures, and by “this”, I mean Cason getting sick. What I was not completely ready for, was the fact that it could happen on his second day.

Kinsey does the drop off duty (ha, “drop off duty”), and I do the pick up. His school is about 20 minutes from our house, so that alleviates some of the stress from having to drive for almost an hour twice a day for Kinsey. Plus, picking up your kid is the best! They get excited, they run to you, jump into your arms, and you feel like a champion. Its like doing one of those corny movie scenes every day… and I love it. That movie scene did not happen yesterday.

preschool-classroomI showed up to Cason little classroom, and all the kids were sitting down, while the teacher talked to them. I did not spot Cason right away because he is in a sea of about 15 kids, but he saw me. Except, this time, he didn’t come running to me and jump into my arms. He got up from his chair, and walked to me with his head down. Thoughts start going through my head:

1. Is he mad at me?

2. Did he get in trouble?

3. Was he expecting mommy?

I was thinking of the possibilities so hard, that I could not tell you what his teacher told me. He was not acting like Cason. He was really quiet. We get into the car, and again, he is quietly just staring out the window, instead of talking to me like he normally does. He still has his own little language, but I enjoy hearing it, and then the day really got started.

About 10 minutes into the ride, he starts coughing, he says “papa”, coughs again, and BOOM! He starts projectile vomiting. THIS IS THE WORST! Why does this suck? Because I am in the middle of the highway, I can’t just slam on my brakes and pull over. All I can do is tell him that its ok and hold his hand. This happens 3 more times during our trip.

We finally make it home and we go into clean up mode, which was tough because he kept having attacks. I went through 3 sweatshirts, three pairs of pants, two pairs of house shoes, and a bunch of soap.

By 10 pm, he was still super sick, and we called a nurse, who told us to get him in to see an emergency pediatrician. So Kinsey took him, while I stayed back with Chloe. He got some fluids put in him, and we were basically told this should go away sometime today… unless one of us catches it, which could be very likely. So wish us luck today. Hey, at least he didn’t do it at school, because he would have been dubbed “the new kid who throws up everywhere”. So, we dodged that bullet. Close call. haha.

I am sure this is just the beginning of the lil bugs that will be passed around in his life… it may have not even been from school. Who knows. Even Cherlock Homez can’t solve this kind of mystery.