You know how most of us don’t answer weird phone numbers? It’s human nature… to be scared of bill collectors. Well, there has been a weird phone number calling me for a few days. I ignored it, and they did leave a message… that was not checked until today. My bad. It was the executive producer from the Oprah network, and he called to let me know that the episode turned out great, and that we should be pleased with how it turned out. That means I can finally breathe easy. He also said that Oprah is very impressed with me, and that she enjoyed me. Trust me, I gave a bit of the eye roll when he was telling me that… and at the same time it felt exciting. He also mentioned that my episode was her favorite because it felt so real. That’s probably TV talk, or too deep for me. Either way, over my head. But it sounds cool. He then said it again, “I’m serious Jose, she really likes you a lot.”

So instead of accepting that awesome random compliment… I pushed my luck. The question, “do you think Oprah would like to come on the show and pump up her favorite episode?” He gave me a vague, “I would have to check with her publicist” answer. So your telling me there is a chance?!?!?! That’s what I took from it. Then, he told me that they would like for me to speak with Nightline when they interview Iyanla. He did warn me that they are not in charge or connected to anything they say or ask me. Scary. Still waiting for Oprah to call me and invite me and the fam over for dinner.

I will end this with my top three VMA WTF! moments:

1. Mac Miller, I have heard of you, but never seen you. Love the awkward intro… it made me laugh and ask WTF! at the same time. Also, “Pink rocks!” is all you could say? haha.

2. Kevin Hart. WTF! I thought you were supposed to be funny. You did not make me laugh once… not once. It makes me sad, because I was excited to watch you in action.

3. Lil Wayne… WTF? Headphones and an Ipod during the entire show? Were you listening to the song you lip-synched horribly? You did make up for it when you finally rapped live. Good times.

Bonus: why didn’t Rihanna call Drake out? Or why didn’t Chris Brown call Drake out? And why didn’t Drake call Chris out? I am gonna have to say it: the VMA’s suck, when Kanye West does not attend.