J-Si’s Blog: Our weekend getaway!
J-Si’s Blog: Our weekend getaway!

Kinsey and I had a mommy/daddy weekend out in California. Well, kind of. We went out to celebrate our old roommate’s wedding. I like wedding weekends, because everything is basically planned out for you. Like the first day, for example: we flew in, check into the hotel, change, go to the rehearsal dinner… and then get left alone. Yup! We stayed walking distance from the restaurant was, so we just walked. Everyone else took a party bus. So when dinner was over, everyone got back on that bus, and took off. Where to? We don’t know. Kinsey and I were standing on the street, by ourselves. We looked at each other, and laughed. We could have texted the bride, but it was the night before the wedding, and I am sure she had other things to think about.

So we decided to get an Uber… or an Uber X. Those aren’t the black town cars, those are random people who want to make some money on the side cars. We got into the car, and we were greeted with a the strongest weed smell I have ever encountered. Kinsey broke the ice with “you smoking the ganja?!” The guy did not answer… because he spoke zero English. He had apparently just moved to the US from Spain. So he and I got into a conversation… I completely attempted to do a Spaniard accent while we talked. Kinsey, on the other hand, was not impressed. She got on the phone while we were talking, and here are some highlights from the conversation that I picked up on:

1. “we’re in a car, and it smells like weed so bad. I want to puke.”

2. “Jose and the guy are talking in Spanish… all I hear is ‘blah, blah, blah, futbol. Blah, blah, blah, Chicharito.”

3. “great! they are talking politics… I heard ‘presidente’.”

jsi-weekend-with-kinseyWe asked him to take us to the fun part of town… so he drove to an area, and pointed at a club. We got out and walked towards the club, he drove off, and we realized he had dropped us off in the gay area of town. Not a woman in sight. Lots of guys, lots of rainbows, and lots of great style. Kinsey busted out laughing. So we decided to walk to the area of town where celebs might hang out. Kinsey was wearing heels, and I thought the bars would be a couple of blocks away… three miles, a huge blister on Kinsey’s foot, and a piggy back ride later, we ended up at the same spot I always go to: Saddle Ranch. I was soaking wet in sweat.

I then texted our buddy from the show, Ryan Cabrera, cause he knows people in Hollywood. He said he was DJ’ing a lounge. So we went there. It was an intimate affair. I met a guy with a cool mustache, who work in real estate, and Kinsey became friends with his wife. We danced for a couple of hours, watched a guy, on what we think was some sort of ecstasy pill, lip synch every song, complete with dance moves, and then headed back to the hotel.

We have not been able to do this in over two years… maybe longer, and we got to do it again at the wedding, which was beautiful. I tried to take it all in, because I am sure we wont be able to do this again for a while.