Guess what?! I suffered my first Cason injury. I don’t count all the times he kicks me in the baby maker when I tickle him, or all the times he scratches me with his powerful baby nails, or the times he head butts me on the nose. This was just a nice lil game of throw Cason up, and catch him… except that this time, when I threw him up, my elbow made a wonderful pop sound. It stung, and then got really warm. Don’t worry, Cason was not dropped, I did manage to catch him. My elbow got pretty swollen, and I can’t even do some simple things, like: shampooing my hair (Cason puts the pooing in “shampooing”. ha!), reaching for cups, putting a shirt on, doing interpretive dance, throwing a ball, and pointing and laughing at Kinsey when she falls.

Speaking of falling, that happened to me yesterday, which I am sure did not help the unexplainable elbow injury. I was in the front yard with Cason and the dogs, making Cason laugh with weird dancing, and running around with the dogs. Note: if you run in my front yard, watch out for the huge tree stumps and branches lying around. I ended up tripping and falling… what did I use to ease my fall? My right side, mostly my elbow. I am a mess. At least my fall/rolling around on the ground in pain made Cason laugh hysterically.

I have learned that I should do more indoor activities with Cason. I would rather get the head butt, scratching, and kicking in the groin. Good times!