Well, I was supposed to have a lil sit down with the Bieber yesterday. Had the babysitter locked down for two hours, cause Kinsey had to do some work related stuff, more on that in a bit. Had what I wanted to c-complish… and was told that the Biebs would not be conducting any interviews. It happens. Luckily I got to sit down with Carly Rae Jepsen instead. She totally remembered me. Ok, she didn’t remember me at all, but I did have fun, and I think we may have some sort of intellectual challenge set up for the future. We will see… there is a small possibility that she may forget, and I don’t blame her. I finished the interview and headed back to pick Cason up so that we could watch mom get after it.

It’s official! Kinsey has purchased inventory for her online boutique! It’s an investment we had to make, and hopefully it will bring us a lil bit of extra cash, cause we will need it due to Operation: Buy a House! She actually did not use all the money we saved up. She said she was overwhelmed because there was so much stuff, so she will go back soon to get more stuff. Smart, start small, gauge the costumer volume, hopefully sell out her inventory, and adjust accordingly. I have never owned a business, but I think that sounds like a simple plan we can follow.

She has named herself CEO and named me MEO (Mexican Executive Officer). I told her that its probably not good to have a word that is close to “execute” next to “Mexican” due to the cartel problems, but she said it should be ok. What does a MEO do? I have no idea. Hopefully, just watch the son of the CEO while she sells her girl stuff. So once I got home from work, Kinsey got to work. She put tags on, we came up with an idea for the tags (because they are plain white), she took pictures of the product, and she started packaging them. Today: we put them up… I think. Ok, I hope! haha. I am ready to see how this new adventure goes. Wish us luck! I will keep you posted with when Kinsey goes live!