First, I would like to announce that Chloe did not break her little foot. It was just a bad sprain. We got it looked at again, all the tests came back negative for a fracture… hallelujah! She stopped her little limp by Saturday evening. So that is fixed! Yay.

blake-shelton-and-usherOn Friday, however, we hit up a concert. I felt I needed to go to this concert because Blake Shelton was performing with Usher. When would I get an opportunity for that again? Never. The show was so awesome! Both of them sounded great! I loved the mix of people at the show. The lady behind me thought Usher was going to be a new country act that Blake found. When Blake was performing, there were some girls in our row with the glass stare. Mouth half-open, head tilted, but when Usher came out, they came to life. Kinsey did have moment where she started crying. I asked her why, and she said because “it was so cute to watch Usher and Blake perform together.”

You know what else they had at the show? Alcohol. Plenty of it. During one of my bathroom breaks I was encountered with something that has never happened before. I walk up to the urinal, giving myself one urinal to separate me and the other gentleman using the bathroom. Why? Because that is a man law. You always try to maintain one open urinal between dudes, if bathroom population allows it. This bathroom was not crazy crowded, so the rule was in effect. To my right we had two urinals. One was next to the wall, and one next to me. Perfectly placed urinals for the man law to be followed. It all happened so fast, but out of nowhere, a man walked up and posted up right next to me. No free space. Then I sensed the guy looking at me, so I gave a glance back. My dude had clearly had a few drinks. Then I see him reaching in his pocket as he says, “let’s take a selfie!!!” By the time I can react to this, he already has a phone out, on camera mode and he’s holding it up, clearly to get the best angle. I was not the only one who thought that was an awkward request, because as I looked around the bathroom, all the dudes had turned to look. Problem: they all probably thought we were friends. Problem #2: He was holding the camera up high. That is not awesome when you are in the bathroom in front of a urinal. I try to tell him that we should wait to make sure it’s not an x rated one, but it was too late. He nonchalantly says, “got it!” as he is zipping up and walking away, leaving me completely out of sorts. Great, I didn’t get to make sure the picture is internet friendly…