I would classify yesterday as a super fun day. Seriously. What I am about to tell you may not sound very fun, but it just is. I look forward to moments with Cason. Those moments where you can look back, laugh, and be able to tell him all about it when he is older, and laugh. I think some people would have gotten upset, or overwhelmed with what happened yesterday, but I seriously couldn’t do anything but laugh.

It was a nice day yesterday. Sunny, warm, the lawn had just been cut, so it smelled good out in our backyard. Kinsey went back there with Cason, set up his blowup water play area, and put a towel down so she could get a some sun. I was out there chasing Cason around. No biggie. We do this every day. All of a sudden, Cason grabs the front of his diaper from the front, and in one motion, rips the diaper off! He looked like a basketball player ripping his warmups off to get in the game. Now, Cason was a little naked machine in the backyard. He loves it. So we let him run around naked. He has a little playhouse back there too. Its a 0 bedroom, 0 bath, with a decent plastic kitchen, and a doorbell. He tends to put his little sippy cup down in his little house on his kitchen table. Kinsey and I were talking, when I noticed Cason go into his house. He was in there for a few, and came out with a huge smile on his face, he ran straight to his slide, climbed it, and slid down. I was super proud of him, because he normally yells for me to come help him, but not this time. He did it all by himself!

I got up to go congratulate him because he was standing up clapping, and pointing at the slide. He was clearly proud of his accomplishment. That is when I noticed that he had taken the term “streaking” to a whole new level. cason-nodiaperYes. He left his mark on the slide. How did this happen? There was no reason for that to have happened… we keep that kid clean. I walked over to his house and noticed why he had walked out of that thing with a smile on his face. He had gone poo poo on the floor of his playhouse! He walked over next to me, as I made this discovery, pointed at it, and said “no. no, no, no!” I busted out laughing. Kinsey walked over, and started gagging. That made me laugh more. Then we both started laughing and rolled around laughing on the grass. Cason joined in on the fun. He has no idea what we were laughing, but he copied us. Is it wrong that I love moments like these? These are the things I really look forward to. It happens to every parent, so why not embrace it.

I am fully aware that Cason will paint the walls with a marker one day. I know he will get into Kinsey’s makeup and paint his face. He will probably break something of extreme value. He will cut his own hair with scissors. He will probably fall and get a little black eye. He may get stitches one day. He will repeat a curse word. These are all things I look forward to experiencing. It’s part of the growing process. You can get frustrated, or you can just smile and go along with it. Walls can be repainted, faces can be washed off, hair will grow back, bruises and cuts will go away, and things can be glued back together. His slide and little house can be cleaned and disinfected, and they are back to normal. But I will always remember what happened yesterday. Just another day in paradise…