I will not talk about the events that took place yesterday, regarding a certain football team that I may love. I will just let it be.

I will, however, talk about the interruptions that occurred while I was trying to watch my team blow the biggest lead in the world. Have you ever received a call at around 9 pm that was not from a friend? They are usually coming in from bill collectors… and that’s about it. Not in my case. I got a call from a therapist. haha. The OWN has appointed a therapist to make sure my mental state is healthy. You know what? That is greatly appreciated. I really don’t understand the need to call at 9 pm. She got into it quick:

Dr: “Hi, I am Dr. ‘so and so’ (I protect names… or I forget them), and Harpo has appointed me to help you out.”

Me: ok…

Dr: So, let’s start form the beginning, how did the problems start

That was exactly how it went down. I was actually taken back. What if this was not a real doctor? Why do I have to tell her everything on the phone? And why is she calling during the Monday Night Football game? Talking about my family stuff takes time, and if I would have started at 9 pm, I would have ended up staying up past 2 am. Not sure if this was a jerk thing to do, but after she asked me to start spouting off my life drama, I told her that I would rather do it during the day, and not right before my bed time. That’s when she noticed that it was 9 pm. So she must of lost track of time? I started wondering… If she is still at her office at 9, does that make her the weird doctor, who never goes home and becomes too obsessed with her patients. I also started wondering if she would be able to prescribe me Adderall, because I don’t think I can concentrate very well lately. Maybe it’s because my 10-month-old baby, who should be sleeping through the night, is still waking up at 1 am, 3 am, and 4 am. We are trying to “coach” him to sleep through the night, which means that there is a lot of crying going on. Half Cason, half Kinsey. Yup, we may have screwed up with his sleeping schedule when he was really little, and we are paying for it now.

You know who else will get to pay for it? My buddy, Eric. He is surprising us today! Yup, he decided to come visit me… during the week. He’s getting married next year, and had some sort of bachelor party to attend for some other friend this weekend, so he took the week off to visit me. Not a wise idea, due to my schedule. So, I have zero idea on what to do with a friend who came to visit me during the week, especially now that I tend to spend my day watching lil man while Kinsey ventures into the making money market. SO, it looks like we will have a real life Two Men and a Baby thang going on. Yay!