Seems like I have been on the fence (shout out) regarding my next phone. I have been team iPhone for the last 5 years, but lately I have had some problems. I got a new iPhone about a year and a half ago, and I can’t take pictures or videos anymore, because the phone constantly gets full.

Sure, I am probably doing something wrong, but when you have kids, you need that camera to be ready to go at all times. I have missed out on some super hilarious Cason videos because I couldn’t record it due to the “lack of storage space”.

iPhone-on-speakerWell, the iPhone has struck in the wife world more than once. Kinsey was at the lady store, getting some lady things to wear, when I called. She started telling me what she was looking for, and I went into husband dirty talk, I wont go into detail. All of the sudden, I heard laughter… it didn’t sound like Kinsey. I know what my wife sounds like when she laughs, and that was not it. I stood in silence, confused, and Kinsey finally came back with, “my phone is broken, I can only talk on speaker phone…” Turns out the sales lady, and about 3 to 4 other ladies heard all that.

Then yesterday, I got out of work, and called Kinsey, who was heading out to pick Cason up, since I was running late. She picked up, and asked how Kidd’s Kids Day went, and I said, “it went *******g awesome!!!” I was excited, and that came out. My bad. Then I heard the dreaded, “JOSE! You’re on speaker… and I’m standing in Cason’s classroom!”

I am not the only one who has fallen victim to the Kinsey broken iPhone. She got a call while we were watching TV from a friend of hers who said that her “nipples itched really bad”. We were at the store and her friend from San Diego called while we were walking along with the kids in the baby isle, and her friend said something about what she would do to a certain guy, that got Cason asking “what’s that?” I just told him that she really wanted go to a ranch and ride horses, and Cason said “me too!” Crisis averted.