My son, Cason, is two and I have been pumping him up for about a week because I was able to score some Disney on Ice tickets… and a meet and greet! That one is the big one. Cason LOVES Mickey and Minnie Mouse. He may not be able to talk in full sentences yet, but he definitely understands. He was been saying, “me… bookah… Minnie… Buzz… bye bye?” He calls Mickey “bookah”. I know, it’s not even close to Mickey. I think it’s because Mickey says “meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse” on TV. Anyways, he is stoked, and was stoked the entire week. Kinsey and I were both excited to go too… not because we want to see a bunch of cartoon characters skating around for a couple hours. We were excited because we knew Cason would be so excited, we would need to bring extra diapers. It’s one of those first experiences every parent wants to share with his kid. We did get a similar mouse to come to Cason’s birthday in December, but that was Mickey’s long lost cousin that has nothing to do with the family anymore because he probably made some bad choices. This time he would get to meet the real deal Disney World Mickey!

chloe-feverThen things started happening. On Wednesday night, our daughter, Chloe, developed a fever. Kinsey took her to the doctor yesterday, and they told her she had some sort of virus, I forget the name. That meant Chloe could not come with us. That also means one of us would have to stay back with her… so I volunteered. I was down because of this. I seriously wanted to experience that with Cason. But, there was no way were going to take that away from him after getting him all excited for a week. So Kinsey was going to take him herself.

Luckily, one Kinsey’s friends said she would watch Chloe. Boom! I was back in the game! This worked out better because Cason would get a date with Mommy and Daddy all alone.

We got to the venue at 6:00 pm, just in time for the meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie! Cason went into full on “awe” mode. He wasn’t talking. He wasn’t moving. He was just staring at Mickey with his mouth half open. It was pretty cool. We couldn’t get him to shut up about Mickey and Minnie afterwards. By the time the meet and greet ended, we had an hour before showtime. So we decided to grab some dinner at a restaurant next to the venue. Cason was still pumped about getting to see Mickey again. We ate quickly, and headed back to the venue… and we could not find the tickets anywhere. Cason was practically trying to pull us in. But we had no tickets. Kinsey said we would just tell them that we totally have seats and that we were already inside… but come on, we all know that would never work. I just told her that maybe it wasn’t meant to be, and we should head home… because we were making a lil bit of an “overwhelmed and desperate” parent scene. We had no idea how we could have lost them. So we started tracing our steps, and Kinsey took off running. About two minutes later she came running towards us, holding the tickets in the air! I thought she had robbed someone, but she had actually found them in the bathroom stall! They had fallen out of her back pocket, and were still next to the toilet. Close call!

We got in, watched until the first intermission, and went home because Cason fell asleep. But, I will never get his face out of my mind when the show started. There is no better feeling in the world, than seeing your little one be as happy as Cason was last night.