J-Si’s Blog: There’s always next time…
J-Si’s Blog: There’s always next time…

I was super excited yesterday. Cason’s class had their first little performance. It was latin themed, since he is learning to speak Spanish. He has been practicing, even going in for an extra hour here and there to make sure they got their dance down. I started to realized my son may not be stealing the show when I would ask him to show me what he is doing for his performance, and he would reply with “I don’t know, papa.”

Maybe he was just trying to be coy, because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise. So the big day finally arrived. We headed out in rush our traffic, drove about an hour, got to his school, found some wonderful seats in the back because we got there a little later than we needed to… and we waited for the performance to start.

The whole school was doing a show, so it was a blend of Cason’s class and older kids. They kicked it off by introducing the classes. Cason’s class is the youngest, so they came out first, holding onto a string, dancing… well, most were dancing. Cason was just walking, and as soon as he saw us, he wanted to come sit with us. I think he was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of people there, but its ok… he can brush that off. He held off  his tears as he walked by, but I could tell, he was about to let the waterworks fly.

kinsey-with-cason-danceThen the show started. They kicked off strong, with older kids dancing to mariachi. Three classrooms later, it was Cason’s class’ turn! They walked up there, in their Cuban attire, two kids from Cason’s class did a lil intro, and it was time. Now remember, my son is the youngest kid in that class. He is so much younger, that he has to repeat, because he will not be old enough to move on to the next level. He also happens to be the largest kid in the class. So he is up there with 3 year olds, he looks like a 4 year old, but he is only 2 years old.

The music start, Kinsey is video taping it, I am holding Chloe, and we are excited. In our house, this dude dances like a boss, so I was scared he would try to take over the show. I noticed he was in the back row… maybe because of his height, I thought. Then the kids started dancing… every single one of them… except Cason. He stood there, and put his thumb in his mouth as he looked around at the decorations. I thought he was just letting the music settle in before starting. The kids moved on to their first choreographed move: a squat down. Cason did not. He was still standing with his thumb in his mouth, looking at them like “what are the weirdos doing?” The dance lasted a couple of minutes, and just like that it was over. out of the three-minute dance routine Cason only completed one move… the turn around in a circle move. There was even a lil girl who seemed to be crying during the dance, but she still nailed all of the moves. She fought through the tears. The number ended, the kids marched off the stage, except for Cason, he marched to the middle of the stage, stopped, and stood there. Everyone had gotten off the stage… except Cason, who was standing there with his thumb in his mouth, and he waved randomly before a teacher finally escorted him off the stage. Nailed it! You know what, I am still proud of him. He is the youngest kid there, and did not have an epic meltdown up there in front of everyone.