I hate that I am so into this Colorado theater massacre. I know it’s an important day in our country’s history now, and I really do want to celebrate the lives that were lost that day, but once again, the shooter is the one who is getting all the attention. Everything revolves around him (I choose not to use his name). I took time out of my day to watch him make his first appearance in court. Why? Curiosity. I keep reading about his behavior in jail. He spits on guards, acts like he is in a movie, and is completely uncooperative. So I was wondering if he was going to do something… he didn’t speak, he didn’t really even move. In fact, he looked as if he was so bored that he could fall asleep at any moment. He did give the occasional wide eye crazy look. I am willing to admit that I spent a lot of my day randomly thinking about this guy, and what could have been going through his head before, during, after, and in the courtroom. The problem is that he is alive, in custody, and has the answers, but is torturing us by not speaking. And since I was with Cason yesterday, I kept wondering what I would have done if we were in the theater with him… Definitely not leave him on the ground to fend for himself like some guy did. Or what would I do if I was the parent of the killer. Do you still stand by your son? Do you disown him? Yeah, I was getting deep at my house yesterday. I am willing to admit that I was driving myself crazy thinking about it.

So how do I cap off a deep thinking day? By watching Bachelor Pad. The show is pure comedy and I am guilty of actually enjoying it. I will admit that I am watching because of that Kalon guy. Most people hate him, but he did put Chris Harrison in his place by driving up in a Porche, dropping the keys in Chris’ hand, and telling him to keep it close. He didn’t even stop to talk to him. LOVE IT! haha. It’s difficult for me to pass up an opportunity to watch people in their 30’s and late 20’s act like middle school kids. It’s a guilty pleasure. It may not be a weekly watching party, but I will tune in from time to time.

I was also awarded with a surprise yesterday. Kinsey signed me up to play kickball with her work. Although, I will enjoy going back to 3rd grade mentally, my hamstrings, groin, and back will probably hate me. Wish me luck! Apparently, my first game is tomorrow night. Hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of Cason.