I have to admit it… I am jealous. Cason has officially decided that he likes Kinsey better at this particular moment. When something goes wrong, he runs to her. When he cries, he goes to her. When he gets shy, he goes to her. When we tell him to give kisses and hugs, he goes to her first. I get it. Lil boys love their mommy. I was a mama’s boy at that age, according to my mom. So I guess he inherited that from me… or maybe I was just a mama’s boy because I had no dad around until I was 2. haha. So there’s that. He does still dance when I play the guitar for him, so that’s cool, but now he only dances if Kinsey dances with him.

I gave him a bath, which Kinsey usually does, but I get in on the action from time to time, and the whole time he pulled the Stewie Griffin, “mama, mom, ma, mom, mama, mom…” thing. Then he started trying to get out of the tub. He fought his bath, and he loves his bath. Something is up.

jsiguitarI did have one thing on Kinsey (please note the word “did” in that sentence). You know what I had? Story time. Every night, he comes up to me with his book of choice, and I read it to him. Kinsey thinks he comes to me because I actually make the noises, and change my tone, and use funny voices for the characters. That all ended last night. He grabbed his Toy Story book before bedtime, as Kinsey and I sat on the couch. He walked towards us, I stuck my hand out to reach for the book so that I could take it, and help him up on the couch… but the lil guy pulled the book in, walked past me, and went over to hand it to Kinsey. What did I do? It stung a bit. Kinsey was busy with her StyleMeKinsey.com stuff, so she told him to go to me. He wouldn’t. I grabbed the book… and that’s when he flipped out and started throwing a fit, throwing toys, flailing, etc. I guess he really did not want me reading to him. Did it alter my mood? Heck yeah! My own blood, turning his little back on me. The lil back with the same lil mole that I have. I am hoping for a better night tonight. I don’t know what went wrong. I noticed that I was a lil quiet towards Kinsey because I was jealous. I tried not to let it show, but that did not happen. I suck. haha.