We did it! We made it to Clearwater Beach, Florida and back without any major problems! On the way out there, Cason was excellent, mostly because we flew during his nap time, and he slept the entire way. We did run into problem number one: they thought he was over 24 months… which means you have to pay for a whole ticket, and it gets pretty scary when they tell you that there are no more seats. We didn’t have his birth certificate with us, because he is still about 6 months away from turning 2. I had to convince the lady at the counter, who was extremely good at the whole customer service thing (sarcasm included in this statement), and her manager, that Cason was not two. This took us about 10 minutes. How did the manager finally agree that Cason was not 2? Because he kept pointing at the other lady saying “no!” The lady said that’s what her son did when he was about a year and a half. I also busted out my phone and found the first picture I posted of Cason on Facebook, proving his birthday. Boom! Facebook saved the day.

We ended up spending the weekend with two other families who also had kids. In total, we had two pregnant girls, 5 kids (7 kids if you count me and my buddy, Ryan), and a whole lotta screaming. I did not shotgun any beers, I did not have any hangovers, I didn’t see any drunk topless girls in Pinellas County, home of the speed skating champ, Kidd Kraddick. In fact, I probably had 5 drinks all weekend. We were too busy making sure the kids didn’t jump in the water. Yup, Cason got the courage to just go ahead and jump in after watching the older kids. Luckily, he did it while I was in the pool. Did he learn from his lesson? Nope, he was cracking up. He also managed to take his diaper off while we were not looking, and was streaking around the pool. We would have gone to the beach everyday, but Cason decided to try to eat some of the sand, so we decided to stay away from that business.

By the way, we did manage to make it home in time to watch the last hour of the Bachelorette! I am so sad that the drunk guy who kept trying to hook it up with Dez went home. They should have kept that mess around for another week or two. That is one case of persistency not really working out very well.

I couldn’t really fully enjoy the whole Bachelorette experience because I was a bit flabbergasted at how hateful some people can be. I have received some of that before, but it is usually after I said, or did something stupid. I can accept that, but when I post a picture of my family at the beach the morning of my family from earlier in the day before we hit the airport, I don’t expect to have other women bash my wife because she wore a two piece. I personally think pregnant bellies are beautiful. It’s not skimpy, or over the top. Granted, it was only a few people, but Kinsey saw the comments. What happened to women getting each other’s backs? I ended up taking the picture down… Kinsey this morning was actually upbeat. Yes, she was up early because of pregnancy insomnia… anyways she said, “you know what? It’s ok. I don’t care about those comments. I know you love me the way I am, and I like that bathing suit. Thats all that matters.” I just smiled and kissed her as I left and said, “and that is why I love ya!”