Can I just say that I thought the time change was going to bring positivity into our lives. Gaining an hour of sleep is one of the most beautiful things a human can ever receive, in my opinion. This was before the days of the Cason. He still thinks we are under the old clock. So he wants to go to sleep at 6 pm, but we made him stay up until 7… that didn’t help. He was awake at 3 am for a bottle, and he has apparently woken up at 5 am and been ready to go have some fun. Sucks for Kinsey.

Speaking of Kinsey, she may be responsible for this huge debate at my house. Cason was sitting on his play mat, playing with his toys. I happened to glance over at him and I noticed something weird. He was holding two things that confused me for a second. In his right hand was a Dora the Explorer doll, and in the other hand was a Belle from Beauty and the Beast doll.

A. Where did these dolls come from?

B. Why is Cason picking those two things to play with out of all the toys in his box?

Look, it’s ok. I played with my cousins Barbies at parties when we were kids. Mostly because I liked seeing Barbie’s boobs. I don’t think I personally owned dolls at any point of my life. No, TMNT and G.I. Joes are not dolls… no argument there. Kinsey seems to think nothing is wrong. She doesn’t really know where they came from. She said that she thinks they were in a goody bag from a birthday party and so she threw them into his pile of manly baby toys. I think we should give them to Emma Kelly, but Kinsey still thinks its fine because “he only uses them to chew on their heads.” At that moment I looked over and noticed him pulling Dora out of his mouth, looking at her, and then throwing her. He then stuck Belle in his mouth, looked at her, and threw her too. It was actually pretty funny. He then crawled over to them, picked them up, laughed, and did it again. So I guess Kinsey wins, and Cason will get to keep his two lil dolls/ chew toys.

BTW, I noticed that there was a “thank you” note on the fridge. It was from Emma Kelly, and it was thanking Kinsey and Cason for her birthday gift. Not mentioned in the note? The guy who bought the present, but had to be out of town for work.