Is Kinsey reaching housewife status? Today, as we both sat on the couch after a long day of dealing with Cranky Cason, Kinsey started this conversation:

Kinsey: would it be ok for me to have a sex party?

Me: huh?

Kinsey: a sex party… with all my friends.

Me: wait… what?!

Kinsey: All of my friends read that 50 Shades book, and it could be something fun for us.

Me: still confused…

Kinsey: Girls, wine, and adult stuff.

Me: and me?

Kinsey: no.

So my wife wants to have a bunch of girls come over, show a bunch of funny items that are for sale, giggle, and then what? Buy stuff? Is this normal? Do a lot of women do this? I’ve heard of these parties, don’t get me wrong, but the game changes when it’s your marriage partner. First of all, being there would be amazing. Yes, there would be tons of giggling making its way out of my mouth, but that’s expected. Guys don’t have these parties. So is this the equivalent of a fantasy football draft? Both do involve “fantasy” scenario… and unfortunately, both involve very well built men. Weird. So there is a strong possibility that my wife will have this party, and there is a strong possibility that Cason and I may accidentally walk out into the living room in our shower attire. If they want to giggle, they will be given something to giggle about… even though most guys don’t want any giggling going on if they are naked. Either way, I will crash that party.

Dumb argument of the night: Kinsey was mad because she looked the meaning of her name up on Urban Dictionary. The definition was pretty nice, but when she looked my name up, she got jealous that my name had a lot more written about it… and it was not racist or mean. The one thing she did take away from it was this horrible, yet hilarious, joke:

White guy: hey Jose!

Millions of people: que?

Yup, I may have the most overused name in Latin America.