J-Si’s Blog: We need to launch an investigation…
J-Si’s Blog: We need to launch an investigation…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a thief among the people living in my house. As of now, there are three people who live in our humble abode, and we have narrowed the suspect list down to one. He is about two and a half feet tall, weighs about 35 lbs, and has the agility of a newborn deer. Yes, it looks like Cason has a Lindsey Lohan problem… not the drug one, the other problem.

casonfilesIn the last couple of weeks, things have started to go missing. As it stands now, here is a short list of the things we know are missing for sure:

1. My necklace with Cason’s name on it.

2. A TV remote

3. The bottom part of Kinsey’s phone cover.

4. My Galaxy phone that was sitting on my nightstand.

5. A $5 dollar bill.

6. Three of Kinsey’s bracelets

7. My Nike fit band

8. Underwear

I am sure that I may be missing a couple other small items, but those are the ones that come to mind right away. We have no idea where Cason has placed these things. Kinsey has actually said that she has looked everywhere, and cannot find them. So Cason did one of two things:

1. He found the best hiding stuff ever!


2. He threw those things in the trash, and we never noticed.

Yeah, he recently discovered the trashcan in the kitchen, and loves to help clean up (AKA: throw things in the trash). I am starting to believe that #2 is what actually took place… ewwww, haha. Last time Cason got the sticky fingers, it was my computer bag, and he had somehow stashed it on the side of the house. I have already looked there, and found nothing. So, we honestly have no idea what to do, because if we give him 10 seconds, he throws something in the toilet, or it goes missing. How do I stop my little kleptomaniac from continuing this?! I am still hoping that he will walk out with random things he has taken from us here and there, but that has yet to happen. Either way, I can’t get mad at the guy, he has that little angelic face that makes you smile. Wish us luck.