Cason’s second birthday is coming up in about two weeks… this means we are going to have a little party for him. Why? Because Kinsey wants to have one for him. There are 2 problems:

1. We are doing it at our house, which is not very big, with about 30 kids, according to Kinsey. I didn’t know we even knew that many people. Maybe she invited Octomom and Kate Gosslin… I dont know.

2. This means we will have some spillage to the backyard… and its probably going to be freezing out there!

So this has the potential to be a disaster. Plus we hired “Mickey Mouse”, but we cant call him that, he is called “Mr. Mouse”. It is the creepiest looking thing ever, based on the pictures. This may potentially turn Cason against his first man crush. Why can’t Disney start party companies around the country. They could make so much money, if they would send the actual Mickey and Minnie costumes to parties. I would pay three times as much for the real one.

cason-haircutThat would be the second disaster with Cason for the month. The first one occurred yesterday: Cason got his first full on haircut. We have gotten his hair trimmed, but this was a full cut. He freaked out the entire time. He was acting as if his hair had nerve endings and that it was hurting. Even chocolate ice cream wouldn’t calm him down… and he loooooves ice cream. In fact, thats the nickname he got form Bio Dad because that was the only time Cason would respond to him when he called him. But, after about 30 minutes we were done… should have probably taken 10 minutes, and he turned out looking JUST LIKE ME!!! He looks like a lil man. He kept going to the mirror and grabbing his hair and kept saying, “papa?” haha!

I just realized that my kids have weird nicknames.

Cason: Ice Cream


Chloe: Kitty… she makes weird cat noises. Sounds like a cat in heat sometimes.