Got to go skydiving today!! Kind of. We went indoor skydiving. I was walking in there thinking I was going to be a stud, because I have gone skydiving out of a plane, plus Big Al was going, so I knew I wouldn’t be the worst. We also had Video Guy Nick, the Chickering aka “McGrubber” (the pro skydiver), Trey “the Kellie Rasberry bounty hunter” Peart, and our Dish Nation camera man Sean. We took a short class, put our suits, helmets, and goggles on, and got in there. We had two tries. We all go a round, and then get another shot. Somehow, I got stuck going first. I will say this… it was way more difficult than I expected. I didn’t have a guy strapped to me doing all the right things. Boy, that sounds weird out of context. My second run was a little bit better. You know who did awesome? Chickering doesn’t count cause he did it during the X Games, he was expected to kill it. Big Al did awesome. He looked stiff as a board, and you could hear him whimpering the whole time, but he floated like a champ. He was the most uncomfortable looking, comfortable flier we had… if that makes sense. Sean also did crazy good, and the rest of us… we tried. I totally want to learn to do all the tricks now, but that is going to take soooo much time, but it looks so cool.

pig-in-barnThe skydiving felt awkward, because people were watching, and there was some drooling that came out of your mouth, and it was impossible to control it… but that was not as awkward as what happened to me tonight, involving Cason. Oh yes! Welcome to another episode of: “The Cason Files”. I keep saying this, but as each day passes, he performs another random act. We took a shower, and we got out, he was doing his naked run around the house, as I was drying off and applying my lotion, and some face cream Kinsey makes me wear that is supposed to help with stress. It’s weird… I know. It’s some Hemp lotion, but I call it the “hump” cream. She doesn’t like that. As I am applying that to my face, I close my eyes, because I don’t want that hump stuff in my eye balls. I figure lotion would burn, plus it has some mint stuff… so I know it would. All of the sudden, I feel someone grab my butt. It took me by surprise. I quickly realized it was not Kinsey. My son had just grabbed my bare butt, and squeezed. Weird! So I asked him to please not do that. What happened next freaked me out. He decided play farm and put a toy pig in my barn, if you get my drift. He’s not even two yet, so he’s just curious… I understand that. But, I still jumped up, hit my knee on the counter. Kinsey had just given Chloe a bath, and the lil bathtub was still on the counter, I smacked that with my hand, water spilled on the floor. Cason got scared, and tried to run away and slipped on the water. Kinsey comes running in and sees me standing there naked, with my lotioned up face, water all over the floor, and Cason on sprawled out on the floor… laughing. She didn’t even ask if we were ok, she just said, “what are you guys doing? I’m trying to put Chloe to sleep!” That was awkward. Every day with this guy is a new adventure, and I love it.