I had the opportunity to pull of one of the greatest scares of all time on the Jenna, aka Geena, aka VaJenna, aka Jennatalia. I just realized that Jenna’s nicknames are pretty hilarious. I left work, headed up to the parking garage, and noticed something interesting. Jenna had left her front door open… as in wide open, not just unlocked. This meant one thing, and one thing only: I had an opportunity to scare the crap out of her. So, I put my bags in my trunk, snuck into the backseat of her car, and tried to hide as best as I could.

Three minutes passed, and I heard footsteps. My first thought was, how long did she leave her door wide open? Then I started getting excited. She walked right to the driver side door, got in, started the car, and I jumped up and screamed. I may have actually jumped the gun a little early, but I didn’t want to do it as she was moving, due to the crashing potential. Well executed, right? Wrong! She did not even flinch. She didn’t scream. She didn’t react in any freaking way. She just started laughing at me. I had failed. If someone would have jumped up at me from my backseat, I would have freaked, but I am pretty sure Jenna is a robot. I hate her for that.

In other news, Kinsey and I have friends that moved from Australia and they came out to visit. So we are having them stay with us. This was the best idea ever, because Cason spent the entire day playing with their kids. Homeboy was so tired by his bedtime, that he crashed with no problem. This means that when Chloe comes to this world and learns to start playing, our lives will become super easier. Right now, Cason really likes playing and having us chase him around the house, which is tough to do when you are 7 months pregnant. Not me… Kinsey. I am not pregnant right now, I think.

jsiguitarThere was an pretty cute moment that made me feel proud of Cason. My friend’s daughter asked me to play the guitar for her. So I grabbed the guitar and started playing. Soon, all the kids where in the living room dancing around. Cason walked in with his little guitar and sat on the couch in between my friend’s son (Liam) and I. Liam was clearly staring at our guitars, and out of nowhere, Cason got up, walked out, and came back with his other toy guitar, and handed it to Liam. Then he got back on the couch, and started playing again. It’s a small act, but it made me so proud/excited/happy to see my son sharing.