Why can’t I get into the holiday spirit?! I tried! Really… got in the car, drove to the mall, in traffic, and walked around. Unfortunately, that is all Cason and I did. We walked around. I couldn’t find anything for anybody. Plus, Cason has the attention span of a grown up with ADD. This means that we can be in one store for 5 minutes and he is ready to see new things. I was only attempting to buy stuff for the cast, because we exchange gifts before we go on Christmas break, but nothing. I struck out. Why did we leave? Because I was the guy who had the screaming kid. He wasn’t crying, he is just into screaming lately. I personally think it is cute, but I did get a lot of annoyed looks from random peeps.

Then we head home, and Kinsey surprises us with a Christmas tree! We had planned to not put one up because we will be back home with our family. We are having friends stay in our house while we are gone, but I am sure they will be celebrating Christmas at their parent’s home. So what’s the point of buying a tree for our family, when our family won’t be there. Kinsey couldn’t stand it, she had to get one. Thing is, the tree is about the same height as Cason. I wasn’t feeling it. If we are getting a tree, we should get a TREE. Plus, it took about 30 seconds to decorate. So we let Cason put a couple ornaments on it, until he three one, and then put a snowflake in his mouth and got glitter all up in there and all over the place.

And the main reason I know something is wrong with my Christmas brain… Kinsey busted out “Elf”, the Will Ferrell movie, and I was not into watching it. I ALWAYS want to watch that movie. Instead, I watched Taken and X Factor. haha. By the way, I really like those Emblem 3 guys. They remind me of the kind of group I would have wanted to be in when I was their age. Keep it cool, minus the two unnecessary members that never sing, and no corny dance moves… even though N*sync did have a couple dope routines, but that is the only group that gets the pass. I really think that the closer I get to 30, the more I try to revert back to my teenage years. I am a mess.