I will admit it… I may have taken a break from reading books after the college experience. I think I was just burnt out on it. For some reason, when I was at the airport, I decided to buy a book. This is both a good idea and a bad idea. It’s a good idea because reading helps your vocabulary grow, and it stimulates your brain. It’s a bad idea because I did absolutely no research before buying the book.

I was sitting, waiting for my flight, and realized I forgot my headphones. This means, no music. I refuse to sit there for 4 hours, with nothing to do. I think that is why so people go crazy on flights. They probably forgot their headphones. Since I did not want to make the news for having a breakdown on my flight, I decided to buy the book. I actually remembered how I would immerse myself in the stories. I would read my books in bed, until I fell asleep, in middle school.

calicoThe buying process was difficult, mostly because I didn’t want to keep picking up novels that are clearly geared towards women. Unfortunately, the covers are very deceiving. I picked up a couple of books, that made a couple ladies give me a look. Why? Because they were those “sexy” novels, like the 50 Shades of Grey Books. I was about to give up. I couldn’t pick anymore books, and read the synopsis, because I was scared I would pick another book that had a steamy love story with “lies, heartbreak, and a story for the ages.” So how did I pick my book? It had a baseball player on the cover. I figured that would be a book for dudes. I am sure I missed out on some great thrillers because the cover looked deceiving. The book said “#1 New York Time’s Best Seller”, and I recognized the author’s name: John Grisham. I remembered that he wrote thrillers. Well, this book is not anything like that. Its a story about a boy, his dad (a professional baseball player, who nobody likes), and his idol (a rookie, who breaks all sorts of records). I have no idea how it ends, but I am nearly done. Problem: it has cut into my sleeping… and Cason ripped a page out towards the end of the book. Hopefully it was not an important part of the story. Now, I just keep picturing this as a movie, and wondering if I could play a role. haha. Probably wont happen