J-Si’s Blog: Will I get the call?
J-Si’s Blog: Will I get the call?

You know what I did last night? Everything legally possible to get Kinsey to go into labor. She ate pineapple, but then we realized that you had to eat about 7-9 pineapples. So that probably didn’t work. I gave Kinsey a back massage, a foot massage, a leg massage, and a shoulder massage. We went for a walk and she walked with one foot on the curve, and one on the street. I guess that opens up the baby gate, or something crazy. We did some pumping… breast pumping, people. Geez! She did the exercise ball stretching. We were going to try castor oil, but that could potentially make ya be a secret agent #2, if you get my drift, and Kinsey didn’t want any of that action if she went into labor. But, according to about 80% of people on my Facebook, we were told sexy time is one of the best ways to get labor going, but that is tough to do with Cason running around. By the time he goes to sleep, Kinsey is ready to go to sleep too. So I won’t confirm, nor deny anything… but hopefully I get a call sometime this morning.

Why do I really want Chloé to be born today? Because it’s Kidd’s birthday! I figure this is be the best day to bring someone into this world. Instead of feeling sad, and missing Kidd, it would make me feel happy… but I still miss Kidd. Can’t really get around the missing him part. Plus, I know Kidd would have loved for Chloé to share his birthday with him, because kidd-hugI would absolutely never forget about his birthday due to the fact that forgetting your baby girl’s birthday is right up there with committing a felony. So, to honor Kidd, I will have “Bass Down Low” on repeat, mixed with some Nickleback jokes, play some Ed Sheeran on my guitar, and I will watch Tom Brady and be in awe of his hair and jawline tonight. Pretty cool that the Patriots play tonight. Kidd and I are not fans of the Patriots, but we definitely like Tom Brady and would have conversations about our mutual man crush on him.. Weird. So just make sure you send Kidd a lil “happy birthday” sometime during your day, it will make him smile up there 🙂

Pregnancy brain moment of the day? I opened up the pantry and noticed a container leaking all over the place. I realized it was ice cream, so this conversation took place:

Me: Kinsey, why is there ice cream in the pantry?

Kinsey: I don’t know.

Me: well, you did go to the store today.

Kinsey: Yeah, and you put the groceries away, remember?

Me: ohhhh… ma bad.

Kinsey: is the ice cream ok?

Hahahha! She was worried about the ice cream. Yes, the ice cream survived, it was put in the freezer, but did suffer some stickiness on the outside.