There are little signs that let us know we are not 18 years old anymore… I had one of those yesterday. 18 year old J-Si would have thought that what happened yesterday is cool. New J-Si, was annoyed. The first moment I realized I was an adult was probably when I had to pay my first electricity bill. I think Al’s was when he paid his first child support check. Although, he was not over 18 years old. Anyways, here’s what went down… actually, it has been going down. I moved into my new neighborhood a couple weeks ago, and I already noticed who my “neighborhood rival” (person who annoys you, or you can’t get along with) is going to be.  It didn’t take much time. I moved into my neighborhood because there are some fellow Mexicanos, and I happen to like listening to Mariachi music on the weekends when I take my morning jog, and about 60% of the houses always have that playing. I do get the occasional Luis Miguel, or Chayanne.

Within the first couple of days, I noticed that there was a young dude who would drive by my house just around the time we put Cason down. He has an Escalade, drives with the windows down, and has that bass turnt up! That’s how they say it in the streets… or how I used to say it. It shakes the house, it wakes Cason up, the music is also blasting, but the bass is what causes my brain to start doing the bounce dance in my head. Yesterday, I had enough of it. I was home alone with Cason, sitting on my couch in my Stewie Griffin pajamas (I retired the Charger pajamas for the year, cause we suck), trying to watch some X-Factor… aaaaaand football, fellas! This is when I heard the car coming. Actually, I didn’t hear it, I felt the rumble in the street jungle. So I walked to my front door, opened it, went out in my front yard, and waited so I can give him the business. I stood there, did the wave thing, so he would stop and I could ask him to turn that earthquake down. He thought I was saying “hi”, so he just drove by and gave me the nod. At least he was nice, but all I got was the nod. Honestly, I wouldn’t have stopped for me either. I probably looked like a weirdo.

The guy was kind enough to leave a trail of skunky smelling air. That means he is rolling around with obnoxious bass, while smoking the national plant of Colorado. Not very smart. I am sure some cop with eventually catch a whiff of his air, or feel the beat. But, that has not happened yet, so I may need to teepee his house to send a message. That always lets people know that I mean business. I wonder if Honey Boo Boo’s mom will hook me up with some TP, cause I don’t want to waste money on it.

Oh well, we will see how this relationship blossoms. Wish me luck this weekend, Kinsey is making Cason and me take Christmas pictures… on Saturday… at 10 am. Booooooooo!