J-Si got in his feels and finally shares the emotional letter that tugged at the homeowner’s heart strings!




Dear Mr. and Mrs. ———–,
I hope you are both having a wonderful day, because I certainly am… and it has a lot to do with the home you have put up for sale. I’d like to introduce myself first, because I know you love this home and I don’t want you to feel as though you’re handing it off to a stranger. My wife says I can be longwinded, and this will be no exception 😉 My name is Jose Chavez. I am married to a woman named Kinsey Chavez, who I met when I was 19 years old. We were just teenagers, but I knew she would be my wife one day, and she has been my rock from day one. I was basically homeless when I met her, but she’s always told me she saw something special in me. She is my biggest cheerleader. We have grown up together… and I look forward to growing old together. This woman really loves me for who I am as a person, and is the main reason I have pushed myself to where I am. So naturally, I want nothing more than to give her, and the family we created, a better life than I had.
We have two kids, who attend the school down the street from your home. Chloe is my youngest. She is 7 years old and is a ray of sunshine. She’s a cheerleader and soccer player. She’s full of positivity and love. Cason is my son. He is 9 years old. He plays football, and does very well in school. He loves to make people laugh. As hard as it may be to believe, they are best friends. They really do get along, except when the boy has to do his big brother duty, and annoy his sister. Basically, I have achieved extreme wealth in the love and family department.
When I saw your home, I had the same magnetic feeling I had towards my wife. And after seeing it in person, I started envisioning what life would be like. I see my kids walking home from school. I can see pool parties during the summer time with their friends. I see my son and I skating around the lake, and all of us playing catch and soccer in the backyard. I could see us cuddled up in the living room watching TV, and preparing a drink for my wife and I at the bar. I see Chloe and I having our nightly dance parties in her room. I can see my wife getting ready by the vanity, and giving herself one last look over in the closet. I can feel my stress leave me because I’ll be able to work from the office, knowing I wont wake anyone up. I picture my wife making dinner, while I sit on a barstool playing the guitar in the kitchen. I see game nights in the play room where one of them gets mad and I have to console them in their room. I can see my kids walking down the stairs dressed up and ready to go to prom, and then sitting in the front room looking out the window waiting for them to come home.
Your home made me feel extreme happiness. The way something makes you feel is important. I surround myself with people who make me feel this way, and I’d love to come home to that feeling every day. This is the type of house I could only dream of living in one day. iIn fact, I used to have parents drop me off at homes that looked like yours as a kid because I didn’t want them to know I lived in an apartment. This is the home I would love to raise my family in. I want to make as many memories as possible, and when my kids head off to live their lives, hopefully in 20 years or 11 (depends on what day you ask me), I’d love to pass the torch off to another family, so that they could create beautiful memories as well.
I would love to make this process as easy as possible for you both. Its clear that you put nothing but love into this home, and just know that if we are blessed to live there, you will forever be a part of our journey, and my family and I will forever be grateful. No matter how this all plays out, I still want to thank you for allowing me to have that feeling, and showing me that my dream house is out there.
Much love,
Jose Chavez


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