Jenna talks about a few beauty trends of 2015. Learn all you need to know about eyebrow extensions, face shaving for women and so much more. Check them all out and share yours in the comments below!

Brow Extension

Hair extensions and lash extensions are so 2014. This is the year of the brow extension. Eyebrows are the most important beauty feature in my opinion. I am very excited about this new concept. Women with overplucked brows everywhere are going to be saved!


Face Shaving for Women

I actually do this thing the Japanese chicks do… Dermaplaning. Here’s what I use that’s easier and you can find it at any CVS. Check out a few tips HERE.


Rainbow Hair

Gwen Stefani and Demi Lovato inspired this trend that debuted last year, but it’s here to stay.


Sweaty Face

This beauty look is an evolution of the athletic trend. It doesn’t really make sense but who hasn’t purchased something in the name of “fashion?”