I slept not at all last night because I had so much anxiety about not waking up for our first day back at work. After not having to get up at 4 am for the last 2 weeks, I don’t know how long it’s going to take my body to adjust to this schedule again. I do know that eating 3 grilled cheeses for dinner also probably didn’t help the insomnia either. I’ve essentially been on a downward food spiral since getting back from London. I indulged so much overseas and haven’t stopped since I got back. Is it a problem to drink 9 cups of tea a day? I got into afternoon tea so much that I had to get a water steamer and tons of new tea. 15 Splendas a day might be where the health thing becomes a problem. That much Splenda can’t be good for you right?

I am honestly excited about returning to work and my abnormal schedule, since it is a schedule. I have been so out of sorts. Still haven’t unpacked from London, no surprise. I guess I learned how I would live my life if I were to not work until noon each day and it’s not good. I would go out to dinner and eat and drink until 4 am. Holly and I considered this past weekend to be our last hoorah. I really start feeling like a huge loser when stay up all night and feel miserable the next day. It’s like you always get that feeling that if you don’t go, you’re missing something good-but that’s really not the case. I suppose I just try to take advantage of these phases I go through. Half the year I never even want to go out and I’m a total homebody, then I go through this social butterfly thing. I have a feeling the end to that is near. My body wants it to be.

I have essentially given up my dog which means something must be wrong with me. I would never go very long without my dog-he is my favorite thing in the world. However, I just needed some time off to fix myself. So, my very loving and generous Mom drove in from Austin to pick him up before I left for Europe and the plan was for me to get him this past week, but I didn’t. I think I’m going to let him chill with her for another couple of weeks and maybe go there for Labor Day weekend. I just get so tired of taking care of a living thing when I feel like I can hardly take care of myself. I feel like this makes me bad person and bad dog owner. I really have always felt that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It does with me for just about everything. Guys, girlfriends, family, lack of shopping. My heart always grows fonder, so perhaps I will regain that passion for Maximus again. I’m going to stop writing about that subject because I have serious pet owner guilt now that I’ve voiced that. Here’s to a new week! Happy Monday. That’s my new positive side coming through.